Loreal Extraordinary Oil Cleansing Oil | Review

Loreal Extraordinary Oil Cleansing Oil | Review

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, You’ll know how much I love cleansing oils. You’ll also know I have oily skin which I know, It seems a little strange for me to love cleansing oils so much but they are just my preferred way of cleansing. There is nothing better than after a long day, Using a cleansing oil and massaging it into your skin to remove all the of dirt and grime of the day.

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Lanzarote 2017

Lanzarote 2017

So If you’re not following me on instagram (melia_may) then you won’t know that I’ve been in lanzarote for the past week, To be honest it’s all I’ve posted about. We flew out last Saturday early morning so we still had time to dump all our suitcases and stuff in the villa and go straight down to the pool to sunbathe. To be honest that’s all I’ve done all week. Got to make the most of the sun! It was so good to get away and have a little break away from work and just things in general and now that I’m back I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things, Especially my blog. Through-out the week I’ve also been filming little bits and pieces and I am hoping to be putting up a youtube video of my trip this week sometime. I’ve always wanted to get into youtube but have always been too scared, The thought of putting your self out there like that is kinda scary but recently I’ve been thinking more and more about it and decided this was a good opportunity to give it ago. In other terms, I thought ‘screw it, Why the hell not!?’

Also, Whilst I was in Lanzarote I picked up a few beauty products which I will be posting about soon with a review of each. Lanzarote is known for its aloe vera products so I thought it would be rude not to pick up a few bits. So for now I’ll leave you with a few pictures of the trip..I will update you when the video goes live! If anyone has any tips and advice on youtube please post below, I’d love to hear some!



Millie x

The Most Autumnal Eye Shadow Palette ever?! Morphe 35O

The Most Autumnal Eye Shadow Palette ever?! Morphe 35O


I’d just like to start the post off by saying that I’m sorry that there haven’t been posting many posts recently. I have no excuse for this apart from the fact I am seriously lacking motivation at the minute. I know every blogger in the world goes through this but recently I just haven’t been feeling it. TBH I haven’t even been interested in make up! I haven’t even been looking at anything but I have now got my blogging mojo back and fingers crossed will be posting alot more. I love blogging, Sometimes you just have to take abit of a break and realise why you started doing it in the first place. For me it was somewhere to post my thoughts on my favourite things, Mainly makeup with abit of fashion and daily life chucked in there for good measure. It was my place to write whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted, I Never imagined I’d ever have anyone looking. During this period of not writing blog posts that often, I reached 900 followers on my blog which is insane. I’ve said it before And I’ll say it again, I didn’t even think I’d get 1 let alone 900 so thank you all so much! And what a better way to kick things back off again with a blog post on the most wanted palette in the beauty industry. The Morphe 35o. For months now I have been stalking Beauty Bays instagram just waiting for that post saying they are back. They restocked last week but when i went on an hour after they had announced it, It was sold out!!! They said they would restock before the end of the week so I eargly awaited an update, Until one morning last week I was lay in bed half asleep, Squinting at my bright screen and they had updated their instagram saying they were back!  I’ve never been so quick at ordering in my whole entire life. I don’t say this lightly either..It literally took me 3 mins to order. I knew exactly what palette I was after…The Morphe 35o. It’s autumn/burgandy heaven in an eye shadow palette. Now I’m not a newbie to Morphe eye shadows, I got one a while ago which was more of a plum/purple toned palette and the quality was amazing. You’re basically paying £1.60 per eyeshadow. A MAC eye shadow is £10 for a refill and I think these are just as good as those, You just get so much for your money with Morphe and you don’t have to compromise on quality. As these are so popular, They are limited to one per person. I have to commend Beauty Bay here on the incredibly quick delivery… It arrived the next day even though It was on standard delivery! I pretty much squeaked at the post man and grabbed it from his hands when it turned up. As soon as I opened it I was swatching it in the middle of our office. One colour really stood out to me, The one in the bottom right which is a deep burnt orange shimmer. It feels like butter and It is so pigmented I actually couldn’t believe the quality of it. I have never tried one like it. I tried this one out on the weekend all over lid and It looks so good. I used some MAC fix Plus on a flat brush and packed the eyeshadow on. The Fix plus almost turned it into a foiled eyeshadow it was that pigmented. I’m a sucker for an orange/burgandy toned eye so this palette is just my definition of eyeshadow heaven, for £21 you can’t really complain can you!


The next on my list to try is the HUDA Beauty Textured Eye Shadow Palette which Is meant to be coming back to Cult Beauty in 2017! exciteddddd!!!!!!



Visiting Devils Bridge | Holiday: Part 2

Visiting Devils Bridge | Holiday: Part 2

So even though I am home eating a huge bar of Cadbury’s dairy milk and feeling sorry for myself, I thought it was about time I did Part 2 post of my holiday as I have a ridiculous amount of pictures I wanted to share on here. (Part 1 is here btw). So the last three days in wales went stupidly quick. On thursday we decided to visit Devils Bridge, I had searched for places to visit prior to the holiday as I wanted to see as much as I could so I knew it would be a good day out but I wasn’t expecting it to be quite as beautiful as it was. You get a little map before you enter, which takes you basically round in a big circle, Walking though beautiful woods, seeing amazing views from above the trees to standing right under the waterfall. They also had one of these…. I think i could definitely pull this outfit off, Right? Such a typical tourist arent I….






One thing I wasnt expecting was the steep steps. I’ve never see anything like it! I was hanging on to the railings for dear life whilst Danny bounced down the steps like they were nothing, also taking pictures of me in the process.


I have to say, The easy part was walking down all those steps as I was rather hard climbing back up, my legs hurt way too much the next day.

On friday, It was pretty much our last full day. We relaxed in the morning, Had a huge lie in, Then made the most of the swimming pool and jacuzzi before we left. As it was our last day, We decided to have one last walk on the beach. Theres something so peaceful about the beach where we were stopping. There was hardly any one around and you just kinda forgot about everything. Although one thing you had to watch out for was huge flipping’ rocks that a literally ankle twisters.



we decided that the best way to end the holiday was to have a cosy little movie night, So thats exactly what we did! nothing better than having a cosy movie night when the weathers crap outside and all you do is eat crisps and chocolate. A great end to a great holiday.

ooo PS. I have a new twitter dedicated to my blog and my daily life so check that out here. I think this means I’m ‘Down with the kids’?



Getting Lost In a Forest…

Getting Lost In a Forest…



As it was a weekend off Motocross, We decided to make the most of it and go to the local Wyre Forest Centre and explore a little. They have a few different trails you can follow but we didn’t really stick to any of them, we just winged it. The weather was sunny, Kinda. So it was a perfect day for a little stroll, Which turned into a 7mile Hike but more on that later….



We decided it would be a good opportunity to take the camera’s out with us and see if we could get some good shots. I’ll be honest it was just tree after tree after tree so there wasn’t too many exciting shots although we did get a few….



Don’t know what I was doing looking into a muddy puddle…Must of seen a bug or something…


As anybody who loves photography will know, It takes about 2 hours to walk 10 meters because your constantly trying to get pictures of everything possible. So try walking 7 miles! It took us ages!  Danny has recently brought some new lens’ for his iPhone. One of them is a macro lens and he’s obsessed with trying to get pictures of things up close… I’ll admit though, They do look good so it was worth him nearly falling into an ant’s nest to get them.


Now the Wyre Forest Trails go across 6’509 acres so you could say its a pretty big place, its got streams, wildlife and trees, Lots of trees. don’t get me wrong I love trees, but as there are so many there, It always looks the same. So as you can imagine we got pretty lost. We didn’t follow the correct trails that we’re set out or signs, we winged it. Below is my ‘i’m lost’ face.


Danny thought it would be rather funny if he kept referring to the film ‘Wrong turn’, If you haven’t seen it, Don’t. You won’t look a forests the same way again. And to top its all off, The heavens opened and the paths became muddy. Excellent..

The clouds soon passed and we had some sunshine again and we finally got back to civilisation. The sound of people though the tree’s and the sight of a normal foot path was a relief to me I’ve got to say. I did want to kiss the path but I think that would have been a tad too far… but as you can imagine we we’re both pleased to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

It was so nice to do something different for a change. Nothing better than getting a little fresh air (or in our case a lot) when you’ve been sat in an office all week! Although little advice, Always follow the correct directions.