June Favourites

June Favourites

I’m going to say the normal thing everyone says when they do a monthly favourites…It’s that time again! But it really has come round quick this time, I feel like this year is flashing before my eyes. Before you know it, It will be christmas…Oo christmas! It’s sad that I’m quite excited for christmas, In june….

Any who It’s been a long month this month, so that’s give me more things to try out and love. I’ve got beauty faves, fashion faves and even food faves. So on to the make up first…

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I’ve gone a little wild for NYX lately. My local boots has got a new stand and I can’t get enough of it. On my last trip I picked up this Blush. It’s the Baked Blush in the colour Ignite. It’s a gorgeous coral golden colour with a little sheen to it. It’s so pigmented so a little goes a long way but I just find it gives me such a gorgeous flush of colour. This is definitely a ‘me’ blush colour. I always go for slightly coral/orangey toned colours as they suit me better. I’ve been reaching for this all the way though june and It’s not going to be leaving my daily makeup bag anytime soon.

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Urban Decay have really nailed it in the packaging department with this one haven’t they. They know how to capture the hearts of all the beauty lovers in the world. They product inside is good also, incase you we’re wondering. It’s a gorgeous bronzer. I adds such a lovely golden glow. It can be slightly orange toned so you’ve got to be light handed, But get it right and It looks amazing.

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Next up is something that has taken me a long time to actually try. Everyone has been banging on at me about ABH’s eyebrow products but I was kinda like ‘Meh’. But recently I died my hair and it turned out almost black, So I needed something that was a little darker and this was something the drug store couldn’t provide me with. The first thing that came to mind was ABH. It was a good opportunity to give it ago and I’m so glad I did. I have the brow definer in Ebony and it is the perfect colour. The shape of the product is like a triangular shape so you can really define the shape of your brows. It does what it says on the tin, If you will…

IMG_1618 (1)

An oldie but a goodie!  I picked up another Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in 01 light. Everyone loves this concealer. It’s cheap and cheerful but Is just as good as the high-end ones. I won’t ramble on about it as I’m sure you’ve heard everyone go on about it. If you haven’t tried it….What ya playing at! Get yourself down to boots and give it ago!

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2/3 of the NYX products in this months favourites. It’s the pore filler. I have always suffered with noticeable pores and I hate it! I want my skin to look flawless. I will be completely honest, This isn’t a miracle product. It will not cover up all of your pores however, It does help if you have rather large pores. It creates a brilliant base for makeup and I find it quite mattifying so if you have oily skin you will like this. Once I have applied my makeup I can definitely notice a difference with how it looks. my skins looks and feels more smooth and I haven’t had any issues with it clogging up my pores and causing spots so thumbs up from me and my face!

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Okay last NYC product, I promise! The famous soft matte lip cream. I could not go to NYX and not pick up one of these. I’m really into matte lips (just like to rest of the world) so It was the first thing that I picked up. And it didn’t disappoint. I picked up the shade Abu Dhabi. A beautiful nudey brown. Like I didn’t need another brown lippie ay. To me they are all different. But I have found my self reaching for this loads this month. It applies so nicely and It’s super creamy and lightweight. You don’t feel it pulling at your lips so It is so comfortable to wear in the day time. Love love love.

IMG_1614 (1)

I will always go back to this baby. It’s the roller lash and It is hands down my favourite mascara but this month I have rekindled my love for it and I cannot put it down. It grips and curves my lashes and holds them all day. I don’t think I will ever want to use another one.

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Like I haven’t spoken about these enough this month. I can’t help it though, I absolutely love them. The brand is QUAY and they are the ‘My Girl Black Sunglasses’. I don’t normally spend money on sunglasses. I usually pick up a £10 pair from new look and that’s me done for a could have years. But this year I had noticed a few people wearing them and I just couldn’t resist. They seem to fit my face so well and the shape is really flattering. I haven’t taken them off pretty much all month, and its been raining mostly so that just shows how much I love them. Dedication.


A shoe fave this month. I picked up these tassel sandles from ASOS as I needed a new pair for summer and my holiday. Aren’t they gorgeous. I’ve never really seen a pair like it and I think they are a little different from your bog standard sandles. Super comfy aswell so bonus!


I have one fashion fave this month and It has to be this maxi skirt. I picked it up a few months ago from boohoo for about £10 and I’m literally obsessed. I have a post about this outfit here if you want more details but I’m just concentrating on the skirt this time. It fits so well. It’s quite tight around the waist area but it becomes a lot looser at the bottom with a huge split up the side so perfect for hot weather. It’s just so comfy and stretchy. It Was perfect for when I went away and hopefully we will get some good weather in by the end of the english summer so I can wear it again.


I don’t normally do food favourites but I just had to include these. I had been dying to try these for ageessss but they are quite expensive for some cakes, Like £5 a box or something?! but I noticed they were on offer so I took the plunge and I picked ‘um up. I have to say, I understand why Tallahassee in Zombieland was so desperate to get his hands on some Twinkies. I’d fight zombies for them too. Okay, Slight exaggeration, but yeah they’re good.



NYX Haul And First Impressions

NYX Haul And First Impressions



Bottom to Top: Full Throttle lipstick in 03, Soft Matte Lip Cream In Abu Dhabi, Butter Gloss in Tiramisu


Words can’t describe how excited I am that boots now have NYX. I knew you could get them on the boots website although now in my local boots they have a counter. I literally ran over to the counter like a kid runs for there presents on christmas morning. I tried to stay calm and not go to wild so I limited my self to 4 products, 3 being lip products. In my defence, NYX’s lips products are the most raved about lip products in the beauty industry so I wanted to give them ago…They definitely lived up to expectations.

The first product is something I have heard every one and their mum talk about. It’s a butter gloss in Tiramisu. It’s smells incredible, it feels incredible and it is incredible. I put this on the other day as I didn’t want too much makeup on. I didn’t use any lipstick I just shoved this on and it looked so lovely. It’s a lovely Pinky/Nude colour which i’m all about. I normally hate lip glosses. there sticky, My hair gets stuck in it, they smudge easily, I just end up looking a mess. But this one doesn’t feel sticky at all and it feels very moisturising on the lips. I’d say it lasted around 2 hours on which is fairly good for me as I normally rub it right off as I hate the feeling of heavy lip glosses but I could hardly feel this one on. I can see why so many people love them.

Next up is something I have actually never heard of. It’s the Full throttle lipstick in 03. This lipstick is my new favourite lipstick. Hands down. It is the perfect colour. It’s a browny nude, Which if you’ve read previous posts you’ll know that is my go to shade. I’ve never tried a lipstick like this one. It goes on so sooooo creamy. It’s so pigmented I don’t need to layer it on, You need one application and you’re good to go. And then it sets. This lipstick has got some good staying power, I’ve never known a lipstick like it. It glides on effortlessly, I wasn’t expecting it to set as quickly as it did. It’s a matte formula so It last’s all day and can be quite a struggle getting it off at the end of the day but I use an oil cleanser and that does the trick. Another brilliant lip product from NYX.

One more lip product to go, It’s the classic, The one and only, Soft Matte Lip Cream in Abu Dhabi. Now, I know this is the third Nude toned lip product I picked up in this haul, BUT… I just couldn’t help it. I had to make the most of the new NYX counter before everything becomes out of stock, Because I just know it will. This lip cream is AMAZING. I originally picked up the liquid lip suede in 07 but ended up putting it back because I just couldn’t justify 3 matte lip products in one haul, I kinda regret it but hopefully it will be there when go back. fingers crossed. Anyway, The lip cream is incredible. I love the colour. It’s a browny/pink with a little bit of peach in there. It’s a perfect summer shade! I’ve had it on today and It lasted pretty well too, Not as long as the full throttle lip stick but that’s a given, I genuinely think that lipstick has super powers. Still, A lovely option for day time when you don’t want a heavy lipstick on!

Last is a face product. I have been suffering with redness for as long as I can remember. Especially on my nose and chin. All I have to do it touch my nose a little by accident and it will glow red like Rudolf the red nose reindeer. So I’ve been on the hunt for a good green concealer to cover it up and I ended up picking this one up called the HD concealer in shade 12. I tried this for the first time yesterday and I have to say, It’s really helping in the redness department! When I first put it on, I think I might have but a little too much on as I kinda looked like the hulk, But once i blended it all it was fine. I was a little worried it might show though my foundation and I would have green patches on my face but it didn’t. It covered up all my redness and It didn’t come through all day which is a first for me! I really want to pick up the normal concealer in this range because I love the formula of it! That ones on the list for next time. The list seems to be getting bigger and bigger.