Boots Haul!

Boots Haul!

It’s been a while since I did a haul post. If I’m completely honest, I’ve been way to busy to shop this past couple of months. But last weekend, We had a little spare times on the saturday so we decided to pop into town. There was a few bits that I need to pick up because as always, I leave it until I run out of something completely until I need it again. So of course whilst I was in town I popped into Boots. I didn’t pick up loads but I just thought it would be nice to post what I picked up….

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OOTD: Visiting Some Waterfalls

OOTD: Visiting Some Waterfalls


I’m on a OOTD roll at the moment! When we went away a few weeks back I though it would be a perfect opportunity to take as many outfit pictures as possible, Which is exactly what I did. So here’s another one coming your way!

Whilst in Wales we visited devils bridge, Which is a breathtakingly beautiful place. With Achient bridges, windy paths, spectacular views and gorgeous waterfalls. It is one hell of a trek but so worth it to see the views and waterfalls. The day I went it was pretty warm so I decided to wear shorts. The shorts I took with me where a loose pair from New Look because I didn’t want anything tight because it was so hot and they are super comfy for walking in, Surprise surprise they were khaki, just like the majority of my wardrobe. I didn’t really plan a top to go with this outfit, I kinda just shoved any one on that was clean. It worked out quite well, I think it goes together rather well, If i do say so myself!  I picked up the top from Newlook not to long ago. It’s stripy and has tassels. Who doesn’t like tassels? As we was going to be walking quite far, I came prepared with my Vans. They are incredibly comfy and I love how they are a classic pair of shoes that never get old! I also took my little shoulder bag although thinking about it, It wasn’t that practical as I had to lug around my camera all day. Ah well, Looks good.



I Went Back To NYX Again….

I Went Back To NYX Again….


I just can’t seem to keep away. We went on a last-minute holiday shop yesterday as we needed to pick up a few essentials. All the boring stuff basically like shampoo and mouthwash. So As I was walking though boots the NYX counter caught my eye and the rest is a blur. I did pick up a few other bits aswell so without further a do….


I wanted to pick up some nails before I went on holiday but I wanted them to already be painted, I couldn’t be doing with faffing around painting them before holiday. As I wasn’t looking, I noticed these Elegant Touch Rosie Bea Nails. I’ve never actually heard of her before but I’m definitely going to look her up. she did a few different gorgeous designs. There were some with a tropical pattern on and some others that wear baby pink with rose gold detail on. They were all so lovely I didn’t know which ones to pick. I ended up going for the plainer option. Me all over. The colour is called Truffle and It’s a lovely grey toned nude Can’t wait to put them on.


This is something I have always wanted to try from NYX. It’s the Pore Filler in  01. Unfortunately I have skin where you can see every tiny imperfection and ore so I picked this up in the hope that it will disguise them. Fingers crossed, I’ll let you know how it goes.

IMG_1311 (1).jpg

Lip oils seem to be a big thing at the moment with drugstore brand trying to follow in the foot steps of brands like Clarins. I’ve always wanted to try the clarins lip oil but they are very expensive. I noticed that Barry M have just realised these new lip oils. I picked up the Coco Loca one as it’s clear and smells amazing. They also do a Berry one which I’d also like to pick up and try if all goes well with this one. It’s nice to see brands coming out with a more affordable option.

IMG_1313 (2).jpg

These where abit of an impulse buy. I haven’t heard anyone mention these, Ever. But I wanted to give them a try as when I swatched them in store and they seem really creamy and super bendable. I like to use these eye crayons for work as they are quick and easy to apply when you’re in a rush. i picked up the colour Yogurt 611 and Rust 619. High hopes for these!

IMG_1314 (1).jpg

Again I had to pick up my absolute favourite moisturiser. The boots own Tea Tree and Witch Hazel With Berry Jelly Moisturiser. It feels so fresh in morning and my skins seems to love it. Unfortunately there is no comprise with my skin. My skin wears the trousers in our relationship. It was also buy one get one free so can’t complain, I love a bargain!



Feeling Spendy…

Feeling Spendy…

I’ve been feeling a little spendy lately. I’m going away in a few weeks and wanted to make sure I had everything I needed. I made a list of all the things I needed and ticked them off one by one. I’ve already done a little clothing haul here, so I’m pretty good to go in the wardrobe department. I was running out of few things in my make up bag and I had a few skin care bits that I needed to pick up before I went away so on the weekend I went to my local shopping centre and went a little bit wild.



In my local shopping centre they have a huge brand new topshop which I couldn’t resist not having a quick look…There we’re so many things I wanted but I was determined not to spend too much money even if the beautiful clothes was calling my name. I ended up getting 2 items in total, One of is a paid of Quay sunglasses. Now I have wanted these sunglasses for a while now but the were £30 and I already had around 5 pairs but when I tried them on I knew I had to have them. They are absolutely beautiful. They are a really flattering cat eye shape, with a matte black frame, reflective blue lenses and gold details around the edge. When I put them on i don’t want to take them off, They are so comfy and look so good I just love them. Yay for quay sunglasses. Even If i don’t know how to pronounce it..

Next thing I picked up from top shop is a crop top. It’s got a lovely Geo monochrome pattern, It hangs so nicely and you can tell it’s good quality. Unfortunately I can’t seem to get a good picture of it but I am going to do an outfit post with this in soon so look out for that!


Onto skin care, I popped into boots to pick up my trusty Camomile Cleansing Oil. Which might I add, The new packaging looks so much better than the old packaging! So much more fresh. I also had a quick look in boots because I needed my other Avene Clearance Cleanser that I use as my second cleanse. Whilst I was there I was in need of the La Roche Posay SeroZinc and Simple eye cream. Both of these products are my holy grails. If any body would like to see a skin care post let me know in the comments as I am thinking of doing one.




Now onto my favourite part. Make-up!  I picked up these two Items from Cult beauty. One is the Anastasia Beverly hills Brow definer. I am ashamed to say I have never tried any of Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products, I know I know, bit late to the bandwagon but I’m here, Finally. I’ve got to say I love it! My browns are annoyingly sparse so this definitely helps to beef them up abit.

The last thing I got from cult beauty was something I didn’t plan on getting…It’s the new liquid lipstick from the Joure from the Limited Edition Mermaid Range in the shade Daiquiri. You might have seen in on my instagram, If you haven’t, go check it out. Little shameless plug there ;). I picked this colour up because the rest were really bright and none of them were really ‘me’ so this was the only one I could see myself wearing. I tried it out the other day and I’ll just put it out there now, Its smells amazing. Of course it looks amazing too, It’s a gorgeous coral colour with a little bit of gold in there too. can’t beat a little gold sparkle.


I also made an order with Feel Unique. I was In need of a powder bronzer as I got to that point where all of my bronzers had disintegrated into nothing, You know the annoying moment when you’re putting you bronzer on and it just crumbles away..Yeah that happened so I had to get another. I’ve seen a few posts about the new realise from urban decay It’s called sun-kissed bronzer. I have to say I’m impressed so far and the packaging it so summery!

I also picked up my favvvvvvoouriteee all time mascara. If you’ve read any of my previous posts then you’ll know I’ve been on the hunt for a new mascara that I actually liked for yonks. I’ve decided to give up and resort back to my high end favourite Benefit Roller Lash.  I never want to run out again. My lashes just seem to love it!


Whats a good haul with out bit of Mac In there? I had run out of my beloved Velvet Teddy and decided it was time to get another before I go away because I literally wear it every day. Along with the lipstick I got a free small sample of MAC prep and prime Primer which I have already tried and It’s looking good so far, Abit of a strange consistency but It works so I’m okay with that.


Last but not least, I picked up the Real Techniques Setting Brush as I’ve been finding it had to set my under eyes with my pig powder brush. i wasn’t something a little more precise and this does the job perfectly! I’ve also tried it with highlighter and It does an amazing job!

I think that pretty much concludes this haul. I’ll be doing a few reviews of these products over the next few months so look out for those if your interested!



NYX Haul And First Impressions

NYX Haul And First Impressions



Bottom to Top: Full Throttle lipstick in 03, Soft Matte Lip Cream In Abu Dhabi, Butter Gloss in Tiramisu


Words can’t describe how excited I am that boots now have NYX. I knew you could get them on the boots website although now in my local boots they have a counter. I literally ran over to the counter like a kid runs for there presents on christmas morning. I tried to stay calm and not go to wild so I limited my self to 4 products, 3 being lip products. In my defence, NYX’s lips products are the most raved about lip products in the beauty industry so I wanted to give them ago…They definitely lived up to expectations.

The first product is something I have heard every one and their mum talk about. It’s a butter gloss in Tiramisu. It’s smells incredible, it feels incredible and it is incredible. I put this on the other day as I didn’t want too much makeup on. I didn’t use any lipstick I just shoved this on and it looked so lovely. It’s a lovely Pinky/Nude colour which i’m all about. I normally hate lip glosses. there sticky, My hair gets stuck in it, they smudge easily, I just end up looking a mess. But this one doesn’t feel sticky at all and it feels very moisturising on the lips. I’d say it lasted around 2 hours on which is fairly good for me as I normally rub it right off as I hate the feeling of heavy lip glosses but I could hardly feel this one on. I can see why so many people love them.

Next up is something I have actually never heard of. It’s the Full throttle lipstick in 03. This lipstick is my new favourite lipstick. Hands down. It is the perfect colour. It’s a browny nude, Which if you’ve read previous posts you’ll know that is my go to shade. I’ve never tried a lipstick like this one. It goes on so sooooo creamy. It’s so pigmented I don’t need to layer it on, You need one application and you’re good to go. And then it sets. This lipstick has got some good staying power, I’ve never known a lipstick like it. It glides on effortlessly, I wasn’t expecting it to set as quickly as it did. It’s a matte formula so It last’s all day and can be quite a struggle getting it off at the end of the day but I use an oil cleanser and that does the trick. Another brilliant lip product from NYX.

One more lip product to go, It’s the classic, The one and only, Soft Matte Lip Cream in Abu Dhabi. Now, I know this is the third Nude toned lip product I picked up in this haul, BUT… I just couldn’t help it. I had to make the most of the new NYX counter before everything becomes out of stock, Because I just know it will. This lip cream is AMAZING. I originally picked up the liquid lip suede in 07 but ended up putting it back because I just couldn’t justify 3 matte lip products in one haul, I kinda regret it but hopefully it will be there when go back. fingers crossed. Anyway, The lip cream is incredible. I love the colour. It’s a browny/pink with a little bit of peach in there. It’s a perfect summer shade! I’ve had it on today and It lasted pretty well too, Not as long as the full throttle lip stick but that’s a given, I genuinely think that lipstick has super powers. Still, A lovely option for day time when you don’t want a heavy lipstick on!

Last is a face product. I have been suffering with redness for as long as I can remember. Especially on my nose and chin. All I have to do it touch my nose a little by accident and it will glow red like Rudolf the red nose reindeer. So I’ve been on the hunt for a good green concealer to cover it up and I ended up picking this one up called the HD concealer in shade 12. I tried this for the first time yesterday and I have to say, It’s really helping in the redness department! When I first put it on, I think I might have but a little too much on as I kinda looked like the hulk, But once i blended it all it was fine. I was a little worried it might show though my foundation and I would have green patches on my face but it didn’t. It covered up all my redness and It didn’t come through all day which is a first for me! I really want to pick up the normal concealer in this range because I love the formula of it! That ones on the list for next time. The list seems to be getting bigger and bigger.




Spring Time Haul

Spring Time Haul

As It’s spring time and the weather is picking up abit I decided to go into my local New Look on the hunt for some new spring/summer time clothes. And I couldn’t not have a quick look in Boots could I..

IMG_1081.jpgUnfortunately I couldn’t find anything that I liked apart from this top. It’s a crop top so perfect for this time of year, It’s stripey, (I love me some stripes) and there are tassels. It’s kinda monochrome but Boho at the same time. Would look lovely with a pair of shorts in the summer!

IMG_1076.jpgThe next thing I picked up I was kinda hesitant about. I’ve never tried anything from BIORE before but I have heard about the brand, Especially these BIORE nose strips. My nose area always gets black heads and clogged pores so I am eager to give these ago. hopefully they don’t break me out.

IMG_1068.jpgIMG_1066.jpgThis is something that excited me straight away. Mainly because of the pump, It’s like the Kate Somerville Goats Milk moisturizer where you press down on the lid and a little comes out of the small hole at the top. This is the Boots Witch Hazel With Berry Jelly Moisturiser. When you pump it out it is a really strange consistency. Exactly what it says on the tin, It’s a jelly. It’s unlike anything I have every tried before so looking forward to trying it out.


I was in need of some new shampoo and condition as my current one has ran out. Now when It comes to washing my hair, I don’t tend to use anything expensive, As most I’ve tried haven’t made a huge difference in my hair, Not enough to justify spending ££ on it. (Open to suggestions), So I picked up these because they were on offer. £1.94 each in fact. I Have tried a few others in the ultimate blends collection but I’m yet to give this ago.
imageThis was the main reason I went into boots. I went to get my favourite eyeliner from collection called the extreme liner. I picked up Black which is my everyday one, Although I also noticed a greeny/blue shade too. It was a kinda ‘What the heck?’ Moment. I don’t normally got for anything like this but I am really looking forward to trying to create a look with it!

IMG_1087This is the last of the bunch but by far my favourite. This is the Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter In Brown Sugar. It’s a super moisturising lip butter, Almost like a balm, But still very pigmented. The colour is definitely up my street. A lovely brown, but in the light It is almost metallic with a hint of gold in it. I can see this fast becoming my favourite lipstick.