Xtava Curling Wand Review and giveaway!

Xtava Curling Wand Review and giveaway!

So I was recently sent the Xtava Curling Wand to try for free and I wanted to share my thoughts on it. I also have a little giveaway so stay tuned until the end. I personally love curly hair. It’s always the same isn’t it..If you have straight hair you want curly hair and if you have curly you want straight hair.

My hair has always been bit in the middle. It doesn’t dry completely straight, It has a very unflattering fizziness about it. So whatever I do, I have to do something to it else I just end up with a frizzy ball of hair on my head. I usually opt for a natural loose curl, I don’t ever go for the perfect curl, Purely because my hair is pretty short so it does me know favours what so ever.  So I was very excited to receive these to try because at first glance they seemed perfect for my hair type.  Continue reading “Xtava Curling Wand Review and giveaway!”

Beach Waves for Summer | Tresemme Perfectly Undone

Beach Waves for Summer | Tresemme Perfectly Undone




I’ve having abit of a hair crisis at the moment. We’ve fallen out and not on talking terms because it just won’t listen to me. I want it to do one thing, It wants to do another. Whilst browsing the isles of Tesco the other day for some tea, I noticed this newish range from Tresemme, It’s the Perfectly Undone Range. When It comes to hair, I don’t like it all sleek and shiny. I usually opt for a ‘bed head’ look. Sometimes on purpose, Sometimes…Not. So I picked this up along with a curry for tea, of course! this product has really helped me and my hair see eye to eye. I’ve tried my salt sprays and various products that claim to give you ‘effortlessly beautiful beach waves’ But it never really works. One of them being the very expensive bumble and bumble Salt spray which was Meh, okay, But not amazing. Don’t get me wrong I used it all up, It was £24, Of course I was going to, But I didn’t repurchase. This is a fraction of the price and I think its amazing! I scrunched the mousse like consistency into my damp hair and left to dry and It left my hair looking, well, Perfectly Undone. Least it’s done what it says unlike most products! What I like most is it gives it so much texture! My hair normally gives up on life after washing and becomes floppy and lifeless so you can’t do anything with it, It refuses. But this seems to add texture and a little hold also. However, I do think if you over did it, You could possibly end up with crispy hair, So use it sparingly. Less is more, After all. I did this on saturday and It’s still going pretty well and still has so much texture. I think I need to go and pick up the rest of the range aswell now! You can pick it up here for around £3.95 at sale price so if you want to check it out, Do it before they go up to £5.78!



An Unexpected Hair colour..

An Unexpected Hair colour..



So if you’ve read some of my previous posts, You’d have seen my hair was blonde/brown ombre. Don’t get me wrong, I loved it, But I’d had it for around a year and half and was getting bored. It was starting to go slightly brassy toned on the ends, so I though it was time for a change. I decided I was going to dye my hair a nice dark chocolatey brown. Now i know what you’re thinking. “your hair isn’t brown in that picture above”. More on that in a second.

So off I went to pick up a hair dye. I picked up Nice and Easy’s Darkest Natural Brown. I knew it would come out dark because of the swatch guide on the back, but I never thought it would come out this dark! I put it on, left it on for around 20mins and washed of hoping I’d see lovely brown locks. Unfortunately it wasn’t how I expected. It was black. And I mean black. There is not a hint of brown in there! Now even though it didn’t come out as expected I do quite like it. I never thought I’d like black hair. It always looks good on others but I always though it would look ridiculous. But surprisingly, I do like it. It might fade after a few washes but for now I have black hair. woo.



How I Look After My Barnet

How I Look After My Barnet




Now, When it comes to my hair, it take a lot to keep it under control. It’s a sensitive Barnet. It doesn’t like some products else it goes greasy, It doesn’t like others because it goes dry. I can never win. Until recently, I’ve nailed the perfect routine. No more hairs tantrums for me! Today I’m going to put together my fave things to use to keep it happy.

I’ll start with shampoo and conditioner. I’m never really been fussed about shampoo or condition. It never really does mush to my hair. Recently I needed to pick up a new one, so picked up the Ultimate Blends Mthyic Oil Collection. It seems to be doing the job pretty well. It doesn’t make my roots greasy but it still nourishes the ends, Which are pretty dry at the moment. I tend to leave the conditioner on the ends for around 5-10 mins and after they feel silky smooth!

Once i’ve washed my hair I towel dry and usually leave it wrapped in the towel for ages because I can never be arsed to do anything with it. So after about an hour sat with a towel on my head I brush through with my trusty tangle teaser. I don’t know what I did with my life before I had this. I know I went through alot of pain everytime I needed to brush my hair but this has changed everything. I doesn’t yank on my scalp and I’ve found less of my hair breaks off.

Once I have detangled all the knots, I use the Redken Extreme Anti-Snap. This is some seriously good stuff. Now, my hair was pretty weak before using this. I have dyed my hair all sorts of colours before so all that dying did no good for my hair. But since using this, It’s so much stronger and healthier. You can really notice a difference, Even my hairdresser has commented on how strong it is!

Next is to protect. I use the Ultimate blends The Sleek Protector oil. This stuff smells so good. It does a good job too so that’s a bonus. I use about a 2p size blob and smooth it through the ends. You really don’t need too much else it can make it a tad greasy, but if you use the right amount, it makes your hair super silky.

My last step is to add a little mouse. I love volume. You can never have enough volume. One thing that has really fulfilled my volume needs recently is the Loreal Paris Boost It Mousse. I put some in my hand, rub it together and scrunch it in. It doesn’t leave my hair all crispy like most mousses, It leaves it soft but still gives it abit of texture.

I usually leave it to air dry after that if I’m not going out as It’s much better for your hair. My hair does stick up in all different directions if I sleep on it, but nothing the straighteners can’t sort out.

For styling, I have a few favourites. For volume, I love to use the Colab Extreme Volume Extreme Dry Shampoo in the RIO scent which smells lovely. I’ve also got the Luxe Shine Hair fragrance which I love! It adds shine and also smells incredible.  For hold, I use the Loreal Paris Studio Pro Lock It hairspray In Extra Strong. This holds any style in place! I don’t use too much as it is extra strong and can leave your hair a little crispy. But if you use the right amount you cannot feel it at all.



NEW Loreal Studio Pro Hair Styling Products

NEW Loreal Studio Pro Hair Styling Products

So I picked these up on a recent trip to Superdrug mainly because they caught my eye, I mean look at them!, The packaging is very edgey which I think looks awesome. The other thing thats awesome is the fact I picked ‘um up for around £3 each as they we’re on offer so they’re an absolute bargain. The reason I went to Superdrug was because I was after something that would put more volume in my hair as recently my hair has been so drab and lank. It just doesn’t seem to do anything but just ‘hang’ if that makes any sense. It doesn’t have any sort of style or volume. Lets just say me and my hair are really not getting on at the moment….

Any way, I picked up 2 products from the range. One being the Boost it Volume Mousse and the other being the Lock It Fixing Hair Spray. I needed new hair spray anyway so it wasn’t really a biggie. As these are new products, I though i’d give it a try. First of all, for a hair spray, it smells amazing! I usually hate the smell of hair spray. Especially when you spray abit too much and end up choking and having a horrible taste in the back of your throat for ages. But this doesn’t have that at all. It smell’s sooo good. I picked up the Extra Strong one as my hair is quite Unruly at times so I need abit of hold. It claims to have up to 48 hours hold, which is a very bold claim, although I did curl my hair a few days ago and the curls held so much better when I used this.


Next up I brought the Boost It Volume Mousse. The idea of this is to add volume to the roots with abit of texture and it claims to be a ‘double hold formula’. You rub the mousse though the lengths of your damp hair, Concentrating on the roots to give you instant volume. I love this product. It’s really added the volume I needed. My hair has so much more texture to it so when I ruffle it up abit with my fingers, it holds in place nicely! Thumps up Loreal!


Something different that Loreal has brought to the game is an APP to go along with the products, where you can virtually try different hairstyles and there are also tutorials on there apparently so that looks cool. I haven’t had chance try it personally but let me know what you think if you have..Overall it’s a big thumbs up for the Studio Pro range and I really would like to try some others for the range!




Having Abit Of ‘Me Time’

Having Abit Of ‘Me Time’

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ pamper? You’ve had a tiring day at work or school and you just can’t be bothered to do anything. I love having abit of ‘Me Time’. Taking a nice hot shower, Shoving your hair in a bun, getting all the makeup off and washing away your stresses of the day. I have alot of products to help with the relaxing process, of course.

So I start off removing my make up with The body shop chamomile cleansing Oil. I massage this all over my face, which breaks all my makeup up ready to take off with a warm, damp muslin cloth. Oils are my favourite way to remove make up, and I especially like this one because it doesn’t make my skin even more oilier that it already is! For my second cleanse I use Avene Clearance Cleansing gel with my Clarisonic. It gets off any access oil and make up left over by my first cleanse. After cleansing my skin I jump in the shower. I wash my hair with with Garnier Ultimate Blends The Silky Smoother Shampoo and Conditioner, I don’t really have a favourite shampoo and conditioner, i’ve tried quite a few but I find that none of them do anything special. But these both are lovely to use and they smell amazing! The shower Gel Of choice is Baylis and Harding Jojoba, Silk And Almond Shower Creme. This is hands down the best smelling shower gel I have ever tried! As soon as I smell it I just feel relaxed and you can tell its doing a good job of moisturising your skin too!





I’m not going to pretend I set out all of my clothes perfectly ready to jump out the shower and get straight into, I usually forget to bring them to the bathroom so using a towel, I run to my room to get them,  hoping that the towel doesn’t give way as i’m making the quick dash across the landing.  After putting on my comfy clothes, it’s mask time. I’m still using my KIKO mask, which I won’t go into to much detail about as I have a post about it here. Whilst this is on, I moisturise using The Body Shop, Spa Of The World body moisturiser which is amazzzinnnggg! First of all, the smell. Just the smell. Its amazing, it’s such a relaxing smell, and its so moisturising aswell. Its quite a thick, rich moisturiser, but I personally love that for night time! I slather this on, sometimes fake tan but during the winter I skip this step because I don’t usually get the legs out at this time of year, they’re in hibernation!



On to hair care, I use a few products to keep the main under wraps. I was recommended Redken Antistap by my hair dresser sometime last year, and haven’t stopped using it since. I’ve got quite dry hair that snaps easily, so I was after something that would make it stonger and healthier. Redken Anti Snap  has been my hair care savoir, I use it every time a wash my hair, and I love it! I also use Garnier Ultimate Blends The Sleek Perfector Oil to add abit of moisture, I apply this to the ends of my hair and i’m done!


For my skincare, I keep it nice and simple, as if i’m honest all I want to do when I have abit of ‘Me Time’ is to chill out and watch some TV, so I quickly wipe my face with a KIKO Purifying Pad, and then gently press on my Clarins Lotus Oil (Post Here). My moisturizer of choice is the KIKO Purifying Fluid, I also have a post about this Here so check that out to know a little more about it, but I love this for night time as it’s lightweight and refreshing after a hot shower! At the moment i’ve been tying out the Simple Eye Cream, which I actually love! It’s light weight and sinks in so quickly! I finish up with abit a lipbalm and i’m done! TIME TO RELAX!IMG_0626IMG_0627

I usually like to light a candle, cuddle up and watch a film or TV series at this point of the evening. I’m currently watching ‘Making A Murderer’ which is so interesting. I also like to use the opportunity to write a few posts for the blog, sounds strange but it really relaxes me when i’m writing!