Giveaway Winner!

Giveaway Winner!


So todays post isn’t you’re typical beauty/fashion post. Last sunday I started a 1000 follower giveaway to celebrate MELIA MAY reaching a 1000 followers. It had such an amazing response so thank you to everyone that entered, liked, followed and supported me! It means so much to get such lovely comments from people so thank you. Todays post is dedicated to selecting the winner of this giveaway so without further a do….





The winner is.. Sophieinwonderland. Congratulations Sophie!!!! If you haven’t checked out her blog, GO GO GO! She has some seriously good posts and some great reviews!


So thanks again to everyone that entered! I may do another one shortly so keep your eye’s peeled for that! Hope you’re all having an amazing Sunday, I am. Got jam Roly Poly in the oven and watching Netflix original Scream. Perfect sunday!



Millie x

1000 Follower Giveaway!

1000 Follower Giveaway!

So yesterday something big happened. I finally reached 1000 followers on my blog. Not gunna lie, Had a little dance when I did. It may only seem like a small amount but to me it seems huge. I won’t go on about how when I started I didn’t think I would have anyone following me because You’ve probably heard it all from me before. So instead, To show my appreciation, I thought I’d hold a give away. This is my first giveaway I’ve ever done and It’s nothing special but unfortunately I’m not lucky enough to have stuff given to me specifically for this thing so I’ve brought each product myself. Kinda wanna keep them all because they are so nice but that would be mean. Heres what you could win!

Makeup Revolution Love The Revolution Palette. Have to say I wanted this one my self. That middle highlight looks gorgeoussssss!


TONY MOLY Pore Care I’m real Red Wine Sheet Mask . Perfect for a pamper night!


Gold Leaf Print Journal. I though this would be a perfect addition to this giveaway, everyone loves a journal and this one is beautiful. Perfect if you have a blog to jot down idea’s and notes


Black and Gold Chalk Board. I picked this because I though it would be ideal for any bloggers out there that like to write down there post idea’s so they are right in front of them. Or if you’re not a blogger, You could right your shopping list, Up to you 😉


To enter it’s fairly simple. I didn’t want to make this super complicated cus nothing annoys me more than when people take the mick and want you to like every social media page they could possibly have and then fly to the moon and back in order to enter.. So all you have to do for this is make sure you’re following my blog and just like this post. Simple. I’m going to be announcing the winner on Sunday 12th February with a blog post and I’ll also contact the winner privately. So what ya waiting for, Get entering!

Thanks so much to everyone that has followed so far, It really does mean so much to me!!!!!


Millie xxx