My Favourite Blushes

My Favourite Blushes

I’m not usually one for blush, I’m not gunna lie. I always forget to put it on and think ‘Damn, I forgot my blush, AGAIN’. But sometimes when I am spending time on my makeup (around probably 3 hours, to my boyfriends dismay) I like to whip out a few blushes. Today I’m gunna show you my favourites, The ones I reach for most….

The Balms How do You Like Them Apples Cream Blush Palette


IMG_1649 (1).jpg

It’s a good looking’ palette isn’t it? I actually got this from my boyfriend for a birthday. Boyfriend points were indeed rewarded and I have to say he did a good job. It’s such a good palette. Now i wasn’t sure whether to include this as It’s not just one blush BUT why the heck not, I love it! So as you can see, My favourite is Cider. A gorgeous pinky beige nude. Looks amazing on the apples of the cheeks and blends amazingly. I actually first tried these blushes when i received a sample in my birch box. I love the formula and the way it applies. It doesn’t drag my foundation around when I try to blend and it just looks darn beautiful.


NYX Baked Blush In Ignite/Passion 


This is a recent one for me, But I already love it. I’ve used it every single day since I’ve had it and that’s good for me since like I mentioned above, I’m crap at remembering to put it on. it’s just my perfect blush colour. Orangey toned golden goodness! When It’s on the cheeks it adds such a flattering shimmer, It makes you look so healthy.


Max Factor Puff Blush In Seductive Pink 


This is my go-to winter shade. It’s quite a berry toned blush so perfect with a dark lip in autumn. Although It is a powder, It’s so creamy and pigmented. It glides on beautifully and just adds a nice little berry pink shade to the cheeks. Although this one has taken a step back during the summer months, I will definitely be getting this out ready for September/October time when the autumn arrives.


MAC mineralized Blush In Warm Soul


A classic in the beauty world. MAC mineralized Blush. If you haven’t tried one, give one a go. I love this colour specifically because it warms my face up. It’s abit bronzy, abit peachy and alot gorgeous! I just love how it applies and it just completes any look. Can always rely on this one to add a healthy glow.


Miss Sporty Insta Glow In Luminous Beige


This blog post has made me realise I have a lot of blushes that look kinda the same….ahwell they all seem different to me! This one is another gorgeous golden Beige shade. What I like most about this one is that it has tiny little specs of gold running though it, Not so much that you end up looking like a disco ball but just enough to add a gorgeous sheen to the cheeks. It’s pigmented and creamy, Everything you look for in a blush. It’s also cheap so my purse loves it too.



OOTD: Visiting Some Waterfalls

OOTD: Visiting Some Waterfalls


I’m on a OOTD roll at the moment! When we went away a few weeks back I though it would be a perfect opportunity to take as many outfit pictures as possible, Which is exactly what I did. So here’s another one coming your way!

Whilst in Wales we visited devils bridge, Which is a breathtakingly beautiful place. With Achient bridges, windy paths, spectacular views and gorgeous waterfalls. It is one hell of a trek but so worth it to see the views and waterfalls. The day I went it was pretty warm so I decided to wear shorts. The shorts I took with me where a loose pair from New Look because I didn’t want anything tight because it was so hot and they are super comfy for walking in, Surprise surprise they were khaki, just like the majority of my wardrobe. I didn’t really plan a top to go with this outfit, I kinda just shoved any one on that was clean. It worked out quite well, I think it goes together rather well, If i do say so myself!  I picked up the top from Newlook not to long ago. It’s stripy and has tassels. Who doesn’t like tassels? As we was going to be walking quite far, I came prepared with my Vans. They are incredibly comfy and I love how they are a classic pair of shoes that never get old! I also took my little shoulder bag although thinking about it, It wasn’t that practical as I had to lug around my camera all day. Ah well, Looks good.



The eyeshadow gods have spoken…ABH Modern Renaissance Palette

The eyeshadow gods have spoken…ABH Modern Renaissance Palette





My legs go weak just looking at the thing.. I mean isn’t it just the best thing you’ve ever seen. I recently did the risky thing of browsing the Cult Beauty website. Not for anything In particular, I Was just minding my own business and out of nowhere this palette caught my eye. I had heard a lot of good things about this palette from across the pond in america and had eagerly been awaiting its arrival. well of course before you knew it I had selected check out, put in my details and parted with my money in the matter of seconds. We will start with price, You should probably take a seat as it’s a hefty one. It’s £41. Which works out to around £2.92 per eyeshadow so If you look at it that way It’s actually quite reasonable, Right? I can justify anything though so no one can take me shopping. To me you’ll need everything you touch! So anyway the postman turned up and I pretty much ripped his arm off, All he has to say is ‘makeup?’ and I ekkkk in excitement. He knows. I ripped open the packaging to reveal this beauty. This is probably my favourite packaging on any make up product. It’s a gorgeous dusty pink in a felt sort of material. Feels like good quality anyway. I have always preferred a warm eye colour on myself, I just think It suits me better. So to sum it up, This palette is literally made for me. It’s got every colour in there you’d need to create a warm eye look. I of course couldn’t wait to get home from work so I swatched it at work. They are so incredibly buttery and pigmented I don’t think I’ve ever tried eyeshadows like it, And I’ve tried a lot. As soon as I got home, I decided to try it out properly and just to show you how gorgeous they are, This is the look I created. Excuse my stupid face.


So I’m sure you now want to see the swatches right….. here ya go!

Right to Left: Tempera, Golden Ochre, Vermeer, Buon Fresco, Antique Bronze, Love Letter, Cyprus Umber.
Right to Left: Raw Sienna, Burnt Orange, Primavera, Red Ochre, Venetian Red, Warm Taupe, Regular.

These we’re from just one swatch so you can see how pigmented they are. My favourite colours have to be Burnt orange for my transition colour, Regular for my crease, and Love letter and red ochre for the outer corned and lower lash. But that being said, I do belive i’d use every eyeshadow in this palette. Let me know if you would like to see some eyeshadow looks using this palette. I cannot explain how much I love this palette. This and Tartlette In Bloom are my top faves. I can see this taking the top place though.



Clarins Lip Oil VS Barry M Lip Oil | REVIEW

Clarins Lip Oil VS Barry M Lip Oil | REVIEW

IMG_1624 (1).jpg

The battle of drugstore vs high end has been going on for years, With many victories to each, I wonder whether we could add one more? I recently picked up the Barry M Lip Oil In Cocoloco because I’ve always wanted to try a lip oil. I like the idea of having an oil on the lips instead of your bog standard balm. It sounds more moisturising. So I had heard of the Clarins lip oil ages and ages ago but to me £19 was a lot for a lip product. I know, sounds stupid considering how much money I spend on makeup but my brain works in strange ways. So I picked up the Barry M Lip Oil from boots for £4.99. My plan was to try the lip oil and see how I got on with it before taking the plunge and getting the clarins one. Barry M have just released these,They have two options available, The one I have and one called Berry good. (Obviously berry flavour). I picked the coco loco one because it smells of coconut and I love me some coconut. After trying it for around two weeks, I though what the heck and I decided that I’d pick up the Clarins Lip Oil In Honey too and compare the two. I’ll start with the applicators and packaging first…..

Barry M Coco Loco Lip Oil

IMG_1628 (1).jpg

IMG_1629 (1).jpg

I’ll be completely honest here, I never really like Barry M packaging. But I guess I am being a little critical as they’re products are predominantly aimed at teenagers and are on the slightly cheaper side so you can’t really expect fancy packaging, Its more about the products inside. The applicator on this Is your typical slim doe foot applicator you’d find in a lip gloss. I like a doe foot applicator so i really got on with this, Although I do think mine is broke as the doe foot rolls as I apply it to my lips. I can’t seem to find anything about this on the internet so let me know if you have had the same issue or if its meant to be like that….But it is still useable and I actually quite like that it does that. It doesn’t apply too much so you’re not left with extremely sticky lips covered in your hair and anything else thats wants to stick to them.

Clarins Lip Oil In Honey

IMG_1626 (1).jpg

IMG_1638 (1).jpg

Well as you’d expect from Clarins, The packaging is very fancy. I’m a sucker for fancy packaging, Some times that’s the only reason I’d buy a product. I also love gold so they had me sold when I saw it! I’ve also never seen a applicators like this. It’s a very big doe foot applicator so perfect for my big lips. It applies just the right amount so you don’t waste any or apply too much. It’s also quite stubby so I feel like you have more control.

The formula of both are quite similar. They are quite thick although not too much that your lips kinda feel ‘heavy’. It just enough for them to feel moisturised. I prefer to use them at night time as bit of a lip treatment but they also work well on there own in the daytime, They make your lips looks healthy and plump.

Overall, I don’t thing there is a winner. I actually really like both of them. I feel like I would definitely use both of them. Neither of them are too thick and sticky, They both glide on nicely and both moisturise my lips. I feel like since using them my lips are not chapped at all and feel so plump and moisturised. Not to forget the Scent of them both. I feel like if your on a budget, Definitely try the Barry M because It does just as good as a job as the Clarins, But if you enjoy luxury products them the clarins if definitely worth the money.


June Favourites

June Favourites

I’m going to say the normal thing everyone says when they do a monthly favourites…It’s that time again! But it really has come round quick this time, I feel like this year is flashing before my eyes. Before you know it, It will be christmas…Oo christmas! It’s sad that I’m quite excited for christmas, In june….

Any who It’s been a long month this month, so that’s give me more things to try out and love. I’ve got beauty faves, fashion faves and even food faves. So on to the make up first…

IMG_1611 (1).jpg

I’ve gone a little wild for NYX lately. My local boots has got a new stand and I can’t get enough of it. On my last trip I picked up this Blush. It’s the Baked Blush in the colour Ignite. It’s a gorgeous coral golden colour with a little sheen to it. It’s so pigmented so a little goes a long way but I just find it gives me such a gorgeous flush of colour. This is definitely a ‘me’ blush colour. I always go for slightly coral/orangey toned colours as they suit me better. I’ve been reaching for this all the way though june and It’s not going to be leaving my daily makeup bag anytime soon.

IMG_1612 (1)

Urban Decay have really nailed it in the packaging department with this one haven’t they. They know how to capture the hearts of all the beauty lovers in the world. They product inside is good also, incase you we’re wondering. It’s a gorgeous bronzer. I adds such a lovely golden glow. It can be slightly orange toned so you’ve got to be light handed, But get it right and It looks amazing.

IMG_1617 (1)

Next up is something that has taken me a long time to actually try. Everyone has been banging on at me about ABH’s eyebrow products but I was kinda like ‘Meh’. But recently I died my hair and it turned out almost black, So I needed something that was a little darker and this was something the drug store couldn’t provide me with. The first thing that came to mind was ABH. It was a good opportunity to give it ago and I’m so glad I did. I have the brow definer in Ebony and it is the perfect colour. The shape of the product is like a triangular shape so you can really define the shape of your brows. It does what it says on the tin, If you will…

IMG_1618 (1)

An oldie but a goodie!  I picked up another Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in 01 light. Everyone loves this concealer. It’s cheap and cheerful but Is just as good as the high-end ones. I won’t ramble on about it as I’m sure you’ve heard everyone go on about it. If you haven’t tried it….What ya playing at! Get yourself down to boots and give it ago!

IMG_1616 (1)

2/3 of the NYX products in this months favourites. It’s the pore filler. I have always suffered with noticeable pores and I hate it! I want my skin to look flawless. I will be completely honest, This isn’t a miracle product. It will not cover up all of your pores however, It does help if you have rather large pores. It creates a brilliant base for makeup and I find it quite mattifying so if you have oily skin you will like this. Once I have applied my makeup I can definitely notice a difference with how it looks. my skins looks and feels more smooth and I haven’t had any issues with it clogging up my pores and causing spots so thumbs up from me and my face!

IMG_1615 (1)

Okay last NYC product, I promise! The famous soft matte lip cream. I could not go to NYX and not pick up one of these. I’m really into matte lips (just like to rest of the world) so It was the first thing that I picked up. And it didn’t disappoint. I picked up the shade Abu Dhabi. A beautiful nudey brown. Like I didn’t need another brown lippie ay. To me they are all different. But I have found my self reaching for this loads this month. It applies so nicely and It’s super creamy and lightweight. You don’t feel it pulling at your lips so It is so comfortable to wear in the day time. Love love love.

IMG_1614 (1)

I will always go back to this baby. It’s the roller lash and It is hands down my favourite mascara but this month I have rekindled my love for it and I cannot put it down. It grips and curves my lashes and holds them all day. I don’t think I will ever want to use another one.

IMG_1620 (1)

Like I haven’t spoken about these enough this month. I can’t help it though, I absolutely love them. The brand is QUAY and they are the ‘My Girl Black Sunglasses’. I don’t normally spend money on sunglasses. I usually pick up a £10 pair from new look and that’s me done for a could have years. But this year I had noticed a few people wearing them and I just couldn’t resist. They seem to fit my face so well and the shape is really flattering. I haven’t taken them off pretty much all month, and its been raining mostly so that just shows how much I love them. Dedication.


A shoe fave this month. I picked up these tassel sandles from ASOS as I needed a new pair for summer and my holiday. Aren’t they gorgeous. I’ve never really seen a pair like it and I think they are a little different from your bog standard sandles. Super comfy aswell so bonus!


I have one fashion fave this month and It has to be this maxi skirt. I picked it up a few months ago from boohoo for about £10 and I’m literally obsessed. I have a post about this outfit here if you want more details but I’m just concentrating on the skirt this time. It fits so well. It’s quite tight around the waist area but it becomes a lot looser at the bottom with a huge split up the side so perfect for hot weather. It’s just so comfy and stretchy. It Was perfect for when I went away and hopefully we will get some good weather in by the end of the english summer so I can wear it again.


I don’t normally do food favourites but I just had to include these. I had been dying to try these for ageessss but they are quite expensive for some cakes, Like £5 a box or something?! but I noticed they were on offer so I took the plunge and I picked ‘um up. I have to say, I understand why Tallahassee in Zombieland was so desperate to get his hands on some Twinkies. I’d fight zombies for them too. Okay, Slight exaggeration, but yeah they’re good.



Visiting Devils Bridge | Holiday: Part 2

Visiting Devils Bridge | Holiday: Part 2

So even though I am home eating a huge bar of Cadbury’s dairy milk and feeling sorry for myself, I thought it was about time I did Part 2 post of my holiday as I have a ridiculous amount of pictures I wanted to share on here. (Part 1 is here btw). So the last three days in wales went stupidly quick. On thursday we decided to visit Devils Bridge, I had searched for places to visit prior to the holiday as I wanted to see as much as I could so I knew it would be a good day out but I wasn’t expecting it to be quite as beautiful as it was. You get a little map before you enter, which takes you basically round in a big circle, Walking though beautiful woods, seeing amazing views from above the trees to standing right under the waterfall. They also had one of these…. I think i could definitely pull this outfit off, Right? Such a typical tourist arent I….






One thing I wasnt expecting was the steep steps. I’ve never see anything like it! I was hanging on to the railings for dear life whilst Danny bounced down the steps like they were nothing, also taking pictures of me in the process.


I have to say, The easy part was walking down all those steps as I was rather hard climbing back up, my legs hurt way too much the next day.

On friday, It was pretty much our last full day. We relaxed in the morning, Had a huge lie in, Then made the most of the swimming pool and jacuzzi before we left. As it was our last day, We decided to have one last walk on the beach. Theres something so peaceful about the beach where we were stopping. There was hardly any one around and you just kinda forgot about everything. Although one thing you had to watch out for was huge flipping’ rocks that a literally ankle twisters.



we decided that the best way to end the holiday was to have a cosy little movie night, So thats exactly what we did! nothing better than having a cosy movie night when the weathers crap outside and all you do is eat crisps and chocolate. A great end to a great holiday.

ooo PS. I have a new twitter dedicated to my blog and my daily life so check that out here. I think this means I’m ‘Down with the kids’?