My New Project…

My New Project…

I realise I have been quiet on here recently, And it’s for good reasons! Trust me! So for a while now I’ve been working on a new project. CANDLES! It started out as just a thing to do, A thing to try out in my spare time, but it soon became an idea of mine to start selling them. So ‘MELIA MAY CANDLES’ was born. I’ve created an instagram, Facebook and Twitter..Will link below. I am working on the website and nearly finished so it will be launching very very soon so watch this space. Continue reading “My New Project…”

Having Abit Of ‘Me Time’

Having Abit Of ‘Me Time’

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ pamper? You’ve had a tiring day at work or school and you just can’t be bothered to do anything. I love having abit of ‘Me Time’. Taking a nice hot shower, Shoving your hair in a bun, getting all the makeup off and washing away your stresses of the day. I have alot of products to help with the relaxing process, of course.

So I start off removing my make up with The body shop chamomile cleansing Oil. I massage this all over my face, which breaks all my makeup up ready to take off with a warm, damp muslin cloth. Oils are my favourite way to remove make up, and I especially like this one because it doesn’t make my skin even more oilier that it already is! For my second cleanse I use Avene Clearance Cleansing gel with my Clarisonic. It gets off any access oil and make up left over by my first cleanse. After cleansing my skin I jump in the shower. I wash my hair with with Garnier Ultimate Blends The Silky Smoother Shampoo and Conditioner, I don’t really have a favourite shampoo and conditioner, i’ve tried quite a few but I find that none of them do anything special. But these both are lovely to use and they smell amazing! The shower Gel Of choice is Baylis and Harding Jojoba, Silk And Almond Shower Creme. This is hands down the best smelling shower gel I have ever tried! As soon as I smell it I just feel relaxed and you can tell its doing a good job of moisturising your skin too!





I’m not going to pretend I set out all of my clothes perfectly ready to jump out the shower and get straight into, I usually forget to bring them to the bathroom so using a towel, I run to my room to get them,  hoping that the towel doesn’t give way as i’m making the quick dash across the landing.  After putting on my comfy clothes, it’s mask time. I’m still using my KIKO mask, which I won’t go into to much detail about as I have a post about it here. Whilst this is on, I moisturise using The Body Shop, Spa Of The World body moisturiser which is amazzzinnnggg! First of all, the smell. Just the smell. Its amazing, it’s such a relaxing smell, and its so moisturising aswell. Its quite a thick, rich moisturiser, but I personally love that for night time! I slather this on, sometimes fake tan but during the winter I skip this step because I don’t usually get the legs out at this time of year, they’re in hibernation!



On to hair care, I use a few products to keep the main under wraps. I was recommended Redken Antistap by my hair dresser sometime last year, and haven’t stopped using it since. I’ve got quite dry hair that snaps easily, so I was after something that would make it stonger and healthier. Redken Anti Snap  has been my hair care savoir, I use it every time a wash my hair, and I love it! I also use Garnier Ultimate Blends The Sleek Perfector Oil to add abit of moisture, I apply this to the ends of my hair and i’m done!


For my skincare, I keep it nice and simple, as if i’m honest all I want to do when I have abit of ‘Me Time’ is to chill out and watch some TV, so I quickly wipe my face with a KIKO Purifying Pad, and then gently press on my Clarins Lotus Oil (Post Here). My moisturizer of choice is the KIKO Purifying Fluid, I also have a post about this Here so check that out to know a little more about it, but I love this for night time as it’s lightweight and refreshing after a hot shower! At the moment i’ve been tying out the Simple Eye Cream, which I actually love! It’s light weight and sinks in so quickly! I finish up with abit a lipbalm and i’m done! TIME TO RELAX!IMG_0626IMG_0627

I usually like to light a candle, cuddle up and watch a film or TV series at this point of the evening. I’m currently watching ‘Making A Murderer’ which is so interesting. I also like to use the opportunity to write a few posts for the blog, sounds strange but it really relaxes me when i’m writing!




Valentines Day

Valentines Day


So this valentines day, Me and my boyfriend, Danny, decided we wasn’t going to buy each other fancy gifts and flowers. As it was out sixth Valentines together, and we will moving out this year, we decided it would be a better idea to use the money we would of for gifts and spend it on a nice day out. We ended up going to Statford Upon Avon. Luckily, the weather decided it would be fairly nice and sunny today. As it was sunny but still a bit chilly, I went with my big fury leopard print coat, which is my FAVOURITE coat, Ever. I have abit of a obsession with leopard print at the moment. I paired this with my Topshop white shirt and ASOS high waisted jeans. I love this shirt as its so simple and easy to just shove on and tuck into jeans. It was still sunny outside so i did need to wear sunglasses, I chose my H&M Round reflective sunglasses because i think they added something a little different to my outfit. (The main reason i picked them is because they look coooool.)

I had only ever been to Stratford Upon Avon once, but i was very small so i can’t really remember much apart from the fact it was Shakespears birthplace. It is such a lovely british town.There are so many lovely coffee shops and restaurants that are so unique. The shops are also brilliant, they have many shops that i don’t have locally, like space NK and The White Company.

I only picked up two things, which both were candles… I have no regrets.


The first candle I picked up was The White Company ‘Wild Fig’. There was so much choice in the shop it was hard to pick, although this one stood out to me as a more spring/summer Scent as its very fresh.The only problem is, I don’t want to burn it! It’s too pretty. I think I might save this one for when I move out.

The second candle I picked up was ‘Our Own Candle Company’ in Ginger Peach. I had never heard of these before, they wear in a little gift shop called Magpiebox and they all come in small jars which is sooo cute. But the main reason I liked these candles was because they actually smell exactly like there meant to…if that makes any sense. They smell so strong so you know as soon as you light them in your room, it will smell of it after 5 minutes.

After a little mosey around the shops, we realised every cafe was full to the brim by lunch time, So we ended up having lunch in a little coffee shop just on the high street which was lovely. Overall, I had such a lovely day for valentines day, and I have lots of pictures to remember it with.