OOTD: Something Different

OOTD: Something Different


I’m not usually a dress person. I just don’t do dresses. Mainly because it takes so much effort. I mean I have very pale legs so when I wear a dress I have to fake tan and make sure there all nice and smooth and that’s just effort…But when I was away I decided it was about time to whip on the dresses. A couple of weeks ago I picked up this dress from BOOHOO. I liked it because it was floaty and simple, A bit of a boho vibe to it aswell. It came in pretty handy on holiday aswell as I could shove it over top of my bikini and I was good to go. It’s fairly short but not too short that you might have abit of a embarrassing revealing moment. Don’t get me wrong, You should probably be careful if its windy. It got pretty windy on the beach when we we’re there but it was fairly quite so luckily I didn’t flash anyone. As we went to the beach, I wanted to take a beach bag to carry all our stuff. We took camera’s with us everywhere on holiday and as I was the one with the bag I had to carry everything. It’s a hard life. I got this bag as a present from my sister not long ago. It’s from accessorize, It’s a lovely khaki colour and It’s super practical. win win! If you’ve read my June favourites then you would have seen these shoes in there. I absolutely love them. I love how they are still pretty simple but are different from your typical sandals.

Since I’ve come back home, The weather has been pretty crap so I’m back in my trusty black jeans, But hopefully we will get a little more sunshine before summers up so I can where this dress again. We can only hope.





Boohoo Haul With A Sprinkle Of Shop Dixi

Boohoo Haul With A Sprinkle Of Shop Dixi

As the summer is nearly upon us and I am going on holiday in 4weeks, I made a list of all the things I needed to complete my summer wardrobe. I somehow found my self on the boohoo website the other night and couldn’t resist a few items, they have some brilliant summer pieces this year! I love boohoo as you can get some staple pieces but for such brilliant prices, Everyone loves a bargain!  I have still got a few things to pick up before my holiday like a bikini and some nice sandles, But clothes wise, I’m pretty happy… Here are a few things I picked up. (Excuse the pictures, I will do a summer look book soon so you can see them on, But I gotta make do with what I’ve got at the moment!)


I love this dress! It’s floaty, summery and light. Perfect for the hot weather! It’s got abit of a boho feel to it which I’m really digging for this summer. I’d say it’s around thigh length so not too short or not too long, Just in the middle. I was abit worried it was going to be see-though as its white, but its got another layer of material underneath so that that’s a relief! Didn’t want to be flashing any one my arse. I love the details also, Its got crochet around the  neckline and around the sleeve, Which again adds a boho feel too it. I think it would look lovely with a brown cross body bag and some brown lacey candles. I also picked up this belt to go round it. I wasn’t sure if it would go but it surprisingly looks really good! I think this belt would also look good with some mom jeans or high-waisted shorts!





The next item is probably my favourite! I’ve been after a maxi skirt for a long time but every one i had tried on just didn’t look right, They we’re either too baggy or too tight, No in the middle, But this one has changed everything! it high-waisted, Which means it’s already in my good books because i love anything that is highwaisted and it also has a slit down the side, exposing a little bit of leg. It quite tight at the top but then nearer the bottom it’s quite floaty and airy. I absolutely love it!



This piece is something I’ve wanted for a while but never seen to find online. A Crochet crop top with an altar neck and tie back. It’s a lovely cream colour and it’s again, Very boho-esque. But it is gorgeous isn’t it? I know the picture doesn’t really do it justice but I couldn’t get a good picture of it on! I was abit worried about it though as I thought there would be a major side boob situation but fortunately there isn’t! I can’t wait to wear this in summer!



Now this isn’t from boohoo but i had to include it! Its shop dixi’s Mandala Dreams necklace and its frickin’ gorgeous! It’s really good quality and doesn’t feel cheap like most jewelry nowadays! What I like most is that you can wear it as a choker or a normal necklace, What ever takes your fancy really!





The River Walk

The River Walk



Can we all just take a minute to look at my face in the last picture, Oh wow, I don’t know what I was doing but i had to include it cause’ its funny! Any way, This weekend was abit of a chill weekend before the motocross season gets into full swing and I have to sit in a muddy field every sunday, Oh the joys of having a boyfriend that does motocross. So we’ve been spending the weekends chillin’, Doing what ever we want. Luckily, The UK seems to have realised its spring so we finally have some sun. Although it’s still a little chilly so I’m still donning the black ripped knee jeans.

We decided to go for a little walk down the river Severn as it’s pretty much on my door step. My outfit of the day was pretty simple. I wanted to be comfy. So I went for my Stripey basic tee from Newlook, Tucked into my Black high wasted jeans. I decided to put my khaki shirt over the top because it was slightly nippy outside even though the sun was shining. I love this shirt, Its got abit of a military vibe to it, But goes brilliantly with stripes! On my feet, I went for some lace up flat shoes from Newlook. They are a recent addition to my shoe collection, I got them in sale for £13! I absolutely love them. I’m very much a trainer girl, But as we are in spring, I thought it was time to try something new. Ooooo another new thing is the cross body bag from H&M. The strap broke on my trusty Newlook fringed bag the other day, So I was in need of a new one. I saw this one in H&M and fell in love. I love how simplistic it is and although it is faux leather, It still looks like good quality.

Lets hope the weather picks up soon so I can break out the shorts and skirts and finally peel of the black jeans that I have loved so much through winter!






#SAVEYOURSTAPLES Campaign By ThirdLove

#SAVEYOURSTAPLES Campaign By ThirdLove



Get your brews at the ready people, I have a good’un for you today.

I’ve recentley been inspried by Thirdloves #saveyourstaples project. If you don’t know about Thirdlove, They make incredible, Beautiful bra’s and lingerie. Based in San Fransisco (Lucky people) They create bra’s and undies that not only look good, They fit good too. I really believe that the most important thing about a bra is the fit. It’s not just that it’s uncomfortable, But it really isn’t good for you.

So when I learned about this project, I though what a bloomin’ good idea? So the idea is to save you staples, Obviously. You go spend your hard-earned money on a beautiful Leather tote, Or a new pair of Jeans, But how do you look after them? It is very important to look after your staple items, because let’s be honest, They can often come in quite expensive. No one likes chucking their money down the drain. I know I certainly don’t. By taking care of your staple items you can also pro-long the life of them and get the most out of them! So I have got a few tips for #savingyourstaples.



So when It comes to bra’s , They need special care.. Some times you need to pay abit of attention to your bra’s before you put them in the washing machine. You can soak them in warm Soapy water, give them abit of a gentle rub to make sure any stains are removed, Then rinse. When It comes to drying, Instead of hanging up in the airing cupboard by the straps, Lie them flat on a sheet or towel. No one likes baggy straps!

Lint rollers are your best friend

Yep you heard me, Lint rollers are your best friend. If your like me and have pets, (my house is literally like an animal sanctuary), Then you’ll know how annoying it is to find pet hairs all over your clothes, Especially black jeans. If you know me, Then you probably know that my main staple is black jeans, I wear them all the time. It’s so annoying when you have hairs all over them, So use a lint roller to get all them pesky hairs off your lovely staple items. Another tip, You can use a lint roller to clean your bags. Simply empty your bag, Pull out the inside of the bag, and roll away. No more hair brushes covered in bits. Don’t tell me that’s never happened to you. Cause’ we all know your lying 😉

Look at the labels

Now I know most of the time, Labels are just annoying. They stick out and make you look stupid when some one has to tell you it’s sticking out, And they are itchy! But they do have they’re uses! Follow the washing and drying guidelines. It’s not all the same! I know its easy to think, ‘Ah, just shove it all in and see what happens’ It will never end well, And you could end up ruining one of your favorite pieces.  Trust me, I turned my jeans pink.

Be careful with you knick’s! 

Its always best to watch what your washing your knickers in. No harsh chemicals or washing powders. Its also best to wash in cold water on a gentle cycle. They are delicate and need extra care. Always read the labels on your underwear aswell. Especially Silk or lace.

Hang your clothes up correctly

I’m not gonna lie, When I was a teenager, I used to just throw all my clothes in a giant pile at the bottom of the wardrobe. I didn’t realise how important it was until I started buying nice, Expensive items brought with my own hard-earned money. Hanging them up will keep them in good condition and stop them from becoming tatty. With coats, Make sure you hang them up on a padded, sturdy hanger to ensure the shoulders stay in shape.


So That’s some of my tips to keep your staples looking good all year long. Just to make things better, The lovely bunch at Thirdlove have also given a 15% off discount code for their website! They’re very generous aren’t they. Use the code STAPLES. I’d like to thank Thirdlove for the opportunity to be part of the #saveyourstaples campaign!

P.S: Comment down below with some other tips to #saveyourstaples! I’d love to hear some of your tips!





*I was not paid by Thirdlove or any of it’s affliates for this post.

Faux Fur Lovin’

Faux Fur Lovin’




Fur Gillet – Boohoo Now on offer!

Top (Similar) – ASOS 

Jeans – Boohoo

Shoes (Similar) – Topshop


I’ve got abit of an obsession with faux fur. I just love how It can transform a normal casual look, Into a glamorous one. And this ones no exception. I ordered this dark green fur gillet from Boohoo a while back after seeing it in a lookbook on Youtube. I just fell in love with the colour. It’s not your ‘usual’ gillet colour, I mean I’ve only ever seen brown and black faux fur gillets so I knew that I  had to have It! what I like most about this Gillet, Is the fact you can just shove it on when it’s still a little cooler outside and still look fashionable. Considering its missing the arms, It still pretty warm too! But I’d be lieing if I told you I got this for practical reasons…

I decided to pair it with my forever 21 Grey long sleeve crop top and surprise suprise, My black ripped knee jeans, also from Boohoo. I love my trusty black jeans, They are so comfy and easy to style, hopefully once the weather warms up I can crawl out of my warm, black jean shaped comfort blanket and into some shorts and skirts. where are you heat wave?!

Another thing I’m loving at the moment are these peep toe ankle boots from Topshop, I did get them a while ago and sort of put them away over winter as they are more sandle-like and it was abit too cold to put them on, But now it’s getting slightly milder outside, I’ve decided to break them out again, and I think they look so edgy with my black jeans.