Make Up Revolution Conceal & Define | REVIEW

Make up revolution are known for brilliant makeup on a budget and also their dupes. I knew I had to try the new Conceal and define concealer as soon as I saw it on their instagram stories.

Alot of bloggers have been saying its a dupe for Tarte’s Shape tape, Although I have never tried that one… (I know, I don’t know why either I just haven’t got round to it, YET). I saw it in my local superdrug and thought I’d give it a little go before jumping straight in and buying Tartes Shape Tape which is triple the price. I picked it up for £4 which is an absolute bargain I have to say. The packaging is a beautiful rose gold, Its a small ‘chubby’ tube like the shape tape is and It’s also got quick a large doefoot applicator, Unlike others which have quick long and small applicators. I do prefer the slightly fatter applicator because it’s great for covering larger area’s, Especially under your eyes.  I have to say the shade selection is pretty decent, I went for c4 but it does go all the way up to C18.  The formula really surprised me, It’s super creamy and quite thick, But it doesn’t feel cakey at all. It blends really well and looks really natural. It doesnt feel like you’ve caked on a load of concealer (Although in my case, I actually have). It lasts pretty well also, I can go all day at work and staying power is perfect, Although If i do go out after work, it does need a little touching up which is normally for my oily skin. One thing I don’t like about this concealer is the design of the actual packaging, don’t get me wrong, It’s beautiful and nice to look at, but I find that I have to keep dipping the doefoot back into the tube to get more concealer on the applicator because it doesnt seem to coat it very well, I have to do this a few times before I actually get enough to conceal what I want, Which is slightly annoying.



Pretty Packaging

Good formula

Nice big applicator


good shade range



Not picking much concealer up on applicator


As you can see there are alot more pros then cons so it speaks for itself. If you are looking for a dupe for the shape tape or Like me, Would rather pay £4 rather than £28, Then go give this a try!


Millie xx

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