Wow… It seems ages since I sat down and wrote a post, In fact it has been ages..Around two months to be precise. Theres many reasons why but mainly because I wanted a bit of a blogging break and also to focus on my new little business..but more on that later.

It’s been nice having a break from blogging, Although I think now it’s time to really focus on it. This January marks 2 years since I first started my blog and I guess recently I got a little down about how it was doing. I forgot the real reason I started and was concentrating on what others were doing and how well I wasn’t doing… I forgot what was important, I forgot what It felt like posting my first ever post and the joy I got from getting one like on it..I guess sometimes you do get down and its okay too, but I needed to remember why I enjoyed blogging in the first place. Over christmas I had time to think about what i wanted to do..It was either give up all together or really give it ago and not ‘Half arse’ it.  So here I am, I’m sticking at it and I’m actually excited about it. I though the 1st of january would be a perfect time to start so here we are now..

2017 was bitter sweet for me. There was a few things that happened that I wish didn’t, But I also started my new business Melia May Candles which has been amazing. The support that I’ve had so far has been overwhelming and I cannot wait to get starting this year with new products and new ideas. You can find my Etsy in the ‘Shop’ section on my homepage if you interested at looking at some of my homemade melts and candles.



It’s safe to say I am looking forward to 2018, Mainly because I really want to get stuck in and make the most of blogging and my new business. I am excited to see whats in store. I’m not the sort of person to sit here and make out I’m going to have a load of goals for this year because likely hood is, I’ll forget, However the main thing I am going to do is do more with my time off, Go more places and see more things, just basically enjoy life without worrying about the small things. I do far too much worrying. Anyway I hope you’ve all had a brilliant christmas and HAPPY. NEW. YEAR!!!!


Millie xx




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