My New Favourite Foundation And Concealer Combo?! | REVIEW

So when it comes to foundations, I can be quite picky. I like them Matte, But not too matte. I like them full coverage but not cakey. Basically I want alot from my foundations and I normally have to compromise. Until recently that is. My local superdrug had bit of a makeover and now have a brand called Lottie London. It was in there before but there was just brush’s and a lip balm or something but no makeup from that brand. I saw a few youtubes try it and saw a lot of good reviews so I was very happy to find it in my local superddrug. I picked up a foundation and concealer as those where the main to products I had heard good things about. They weren’t overly expensive, the foundation was £6.95 and the concealer was £4.95. So pretty cheap compared to other drugstore bands. I’ll start with the foundation…I wouldn’t say its a full coverage one, However it does cover everything I’d like it too. When I first put this on the back of my hand it was a really nice consistency, On applcation it didn’t let me down. It goes on really smoothly and feels quite moisturising. It just a perfect everyday foundation without being extremely high coverage. My skin just had a healthy glow. If you do like more coverage this is where the concealer comes in. I have to say this has topped my collection concealer, It’s absolutely amazing. It comes in a little tube with a sponge applicator on the top, however it isn’t round its slightly slanted so it applys really nicely. The coverage is actually insane. I couldn’t believe it when i first put it on. Not gonna lie, I actually did a happy dace because it was so good. I use it in the place I want more coverage like my nose, cheeks and under my eyes. It cover’s redness perfectly and you can’t even feel it on your skin. The two products together worked really well for me and it’s now my go to combo everyday. If you passing a Lottie london stand in superdrug I’d definitely recommend you have a look at these!

Millie xx

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