New Rimmel VoxBox First Impressions!

So It wasn’t that long ago since I did my post on my very first voxbox post, I can’t believe I’ve got another one! I remember thinking to myself ‘Its definitely a one-off thing, I won’t be getting another one anytime soon’ and here where are a month or so later posting my first impressions on a new one!

So this is another Rimmel london one.. Inside you get a Brand new Rimmel Lasting Finish Breathable Foundation, Rimmel Lasting finish Breathable Concealer, Rimmel Contour Kit and Rimmel Lipstick. The main reason for the box is because the breathable range is a brand new one that I believe have just been released. The contour kit and lipstick was just thrown in to complete your finished look. I’ve tried other Rimmel foundations before and although I do like them, They never really became a staple of mine, I always had another favourite that I didn’t want to replace. But this foundation seems completely different to the others, It’s not heavy or cakey, but yet it has pretty decent coverage. The best of both worlds. It comes with a strange applicator but i like it. It’s like a giant doe foot applicator, If you’ve tried the clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer one, It’s like that applicator. I actually really like it! it’s so quick to apply instead of applying with your fingers, I then just take a buffing brush and blend it in. The coverage seems really good, It claims to be a light to medium coverage which i do agree with, but it’s quite buildable to you can always apply more if needs be. Oh and it also has spf 25!

Now onto the concealer, I didn’t get on with this as much as i thought I would, i have to be completely honest. The formula I love, The applicator, I don’t love. The formula is perfect for me, It doesn’t crease, it’s got quite a good coverage but It feels super lightweight and My under eyes feel alot brighter and refreshed, However …The applicator does let it down a little for me. It looks like the Maybeline Eraser Eye Concealer it feels slightly harder. The tube is squeeze so you have to squeeze the product out and then smooth it on with the applicator, However as it’s so hard It just doesnt so anything meaning you need so much product to do one area of your face. I’ve only had it few days and I feel like I’ve used half already! From now on I am just going to apply it manually out of the tube because I do really like the product.

Although the contour kit was put in there to bulk the box up abit, I actually really like it! It’s perfect for the week days when I roll out of bed and slap anything on my face, This has everything you need for your base in one palette. the highlighter is a really nice subtle one also. The liptstick Is also pretty nice as far as lipsticks go, It’s not my usual colour but It will be perfect for the weekdays for work when I want something comfortable on. I believe this range is now available so go check it out!


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Millie xx



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