My New Project…

I realise I have been quiet on here recently, And it’s for good reasons! Trust me! So for a while now I’ve been working on a new project. CANDLES! It started out as just a thing to do, A thing to try out in my spare time, but it soon became an idea of mine to start selling them. So ‘MELIA MAY CANDLES’ was born. I’ve created an instagram, Facebook and Twitter..Will link below. I am working on the website and nearly finished so it will be launching very very soon so watch this space.IMG_0789IMG_0894

However, I’m not only going to be doing candles, I am also going to be doing wax melts! Candles and wax melts are something I have loved for a very long time, especially since moving out. I just love the way they make your house feel, especially in autumn.. (EKKKKK, WHO ELSE IS EXCITED ITS AUTUMN?!?!?!). All of my candles are going to be made from soy wax purely because I wanted them to be good quality and also just be a lot better for you. All handmade, By my little old self, In my little old kitchen and you can be assured they will be made with a whole lottaaaa love. I’ll be doing a full blog post on the new Autumn collection which I’m working on so you can see everything that I’m going to be selling. But for now it would mean lots to me if you could go and follow all the social links. I will post when the website is up and when it’s all available.




Millie xx

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