Kat Von D Lock It Foundation | Review

Agh, I’m back at it. You may have noticed I have been a little quiet over the past couple a weeks and that is because I have been a very busy bee! I’ve mainly been concentrating on Danny’s clothing brand so I haven’t had much time to sit down and write! Oh boy have I missed it though…And what better way to start of but with a cheeky foundation review? Take a seat ’cause your in for a treat. just realised that rhymed, I swear that wasn’t planned! …..

I recently picked up the very well-known Kat Von D Lock It Foundation. Bit late to the bandwagon, Again. But I whilst I was in the VANS shop in Birmingham, The lovely shop assistant starting talking about Kat Von D makeup and how there was a stand in the local Debenhams round the corner. We also discussed what Kat Von D lipstick we were both wearing because she loved Kat Von D just as much as me which was great (It actually encouraged my other purchase that I got with the foundation but thats a wholeeeee different post all together). I didn’t plan on picking up a foundation, But I had seen quite a few good reviews about it so it seemed rude not to pick it up whilst I had the chance. I picked up the shade Medium Neutral 52 which If I’m completely honest, It isn’t a complete match, However when I have a little bit of a tan It’s perfect, Which I’m fine with. Now this foundation claims to be full coverage which I 100% agree with. I don’t think I’ve tried one like it before. When I first put it on I was like ‘Woah this seems way too cakey’ which Is definitely the first impression you get, But don’t be fooled! Once this had settled into the skin, It felt really lightweight and I could barely tell it was on. The reason I was drawn to this foundation was because it claimed to be 24 hour wearing, transfer resistant and has a matte finish. I love me a matte finish and this definitely lives up to those claims. It’s the only foundation that I can wear alllllll day long and It sticks like a b**tch. This is the main reason I love this foundation. I don’t have to touch up, I can just trust this to keep me matte though-out the day and it will still look flawless by the time I get back from work. I get quite a red nose sometimes also, don’t know how or why but I just do. But when I wear this It just keeps it covered all day and I really love it for that. I probably wouldn’t wear this foundation everyday as I like to give my skin bit of a break and just shove on some concealer some days, But if you are looking for a long wearing full coverage foundation, This is your guy. You can pick it up from debenhams in store or online for £26 which is not cheap, But I don’t regret it one bit!


Millie xx


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