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We’ve all been there. We’ve all struggled with taking good blog pictures. And it’s hard, These days, Not everyone can go out a buy a brand new £600 marble coffee table for a background, I know I can’t. Now a days blogging is a whole different ball game, Back in the day you could take your pictures in your mums front room on the flowery rug but the blogging world has changed and now it’s all about the perfect flatlays, White and marble backgrounds and the perfectly instagramable houses. Now this isn’t easy for everyone, I certainly don’t have an ‘Instagamable house’ so it was hard to get the content that I wanted at first, Don’t get me wrong I am not 100% happy with it now however I feel it has improved. Over the year and a half I have been blogging I’ve picked up a few bits and bobs to step up my blog picture game without breaking the bank, Today I have to be decided to put it all in a blog post, With the hope that it may help someone out there reading this. so without futher a do……

DIY Marble Background

DSC_0960 (2)



So everyone’s a sucker for marble these days. I hold my hands up, I am too. But Marble is expensive, And retailers know it. They hike up the prices making it near enough impossible to for you to afford anything with marble on so you’re dream of perfect flaylays get ruined! Fear not, there’s a cheap and easy way that bloggers have been using recently. All it involves is something flat (I am using some white foam boards that you can get from hobycraft) and some marble sticky vinyl that you can pick up from B&Q. All you do it stick it on the board and TA-DAR you have your self a marble background. Of course you can also use this to spruce up any furniture that you have around the house but for now I am loving it as a DIY background. You can pick up a similar white foam board from Hobby Craft for £3 and the vinyl for £6.50 a roll.


DIY White background. 



This one is even cheaper than the first, If you are looking for a perfect white background I have found this my absolute fave. It’s another white foam board and that’s it. Nothing more. I don’t have many white surfaces in my house so I found pretty hard to take nice, clean pictures so I though this was a good option and also cheap, Which makes it better of course. Not bad for 3 quid.


DIY Wooden Background 


DSC_0961 (1).jpg

So this is for the people who want more of a different background. I like to switch this up now and again and this was perfect for that. Again, Another one from B&Q. These are actually 2 sample pieces of laminate flooring. I happened to be looking at flooring in B&Q one day (don’t ask me why) and I realised you could get samples. I immediately thought it would look perfect for a background. I picked up 2 pieces for around £2.50 each so it didn’t break the bank at all. I love how rustic and different it looks.


I hope some of these tips helped you. Please comment down below if you have any suggestions as I’d love to know what you have tried or if you have any DIY’s.


Millie xx








16 thoughts on “Cheap Ways To Step Up Your Blog Picture Game| MELIA MAY

  1. Such a helpful post! I will be looking into these for flat lays soon! At the moment I just use my makeup table as it is white, but I love the wooden ones!xo


      1. ME too, the only problem I have is : I have a line going down the middle of mine, so I have only a small square to work with – But for now its just what I need xo


  2. Great tips!! I’ve been driving myself a little nuts thinking of good backgrounds! Really useful tips, thank you 🙂


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