Back To Reality | MELIA MAY

Yep, back to reality this week. Last week me and Danny went to the famous Devon Coast for a week of relaxing by the sea, Even If it did rain near enough everyday.. Typical! During our time there I decided to film a few bits and jumble them all up into a video. It’s nothin’ special, But I just really enjoy creating them. I haven’t been to Devon for a long time So it was great to go back again. After visiting there again, I just fell in love with the place. The narrow streets, The beautiful old houses, Not to forget the scones and clotted cream. I swear they love to put clotted cream on everything down there, Not that I’m complaining of course….It tastes amazing. Anyway without waffling on too much, grab a drink and a snack and have a little watch!


Millie xx

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