BBQ Weather…

So this weekend was possibly hotter than mars in England (abit of an exaggeration) but it was hot for the UK. Anyway, We decided to make the most of the summer as it will probably only last a few days. Of course the best way to make the most of it was to have a BBQ/Picnic in the garden. It was so nice to just relax and chill out with a few ciders and burgers. I think it even reached 30+ degrees! I made myself at home on the blanket with my cushions whilst Danny slaved away making his homemade burgers and ribs (He moaned the whole time of course) but I know he loves doing it really. It was too hot to do anything else this weekend so it only seems right to have a little party of our own in the garden. We ended the night by just playing some cards and finishing off some left over Lambrusco from christmas. I hope it was still okay to drink?! Too late now I guess…… I also (tired and failed) to do an OOTD. As you can see my wonderful fiance/photographer got to cracking off guard shots…  Enjoy!



Millie xx

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