My Top 3 Drugstore Brands


Today I’ve decided to write a whole post all about my 3 favourite drugstore brands. I feel like the drugstore brands have really stepped their game up recently and it seems you can now find everything you need on the highstreet without spending lots and lots of money on a high-end brand. Don’t get me wrong, Theres nothing wrong with a good splurge, I think it’s good to have a little bit of both, But recently I find my self trying alot more drugstore brands out because they keep coming out with new stuff! So without any more rambling let’s get into it…



Makeup Revolution have always been a good brand in my eyes, However I’d say in 2017 they have been bringing out good product after good product. Highlighters, Loose powders, Brushes, Palettes..You name it they have it. Everything I have tried from them I have loved. My favourite products from them have to be the Skin Kiss Highlighters and the Matte Lipsticks. I still have alot more to try but my collection is forever growing. I feel like Makeup Revolution get quite alot of stick for ‘copying’ other high-end brands, But not everyone can afford these products so they are making things more available to people. I haven’t tried a product I dislike yet and that is why they are one of my faves.


FORMULA 10.0.6

This brand is quite new to me, By new I mean 2017. I first picked up the Seriously Shine Free Mattifying Oil Free Moisturizer, Which I instantly fell in love with and have repurchased countless times. I then tried some masks from the brand which have done wonders for my skin. I am still growing my collection and am yet to try all of the products but this brand’s products have fast become my holy grails in my skin care routine. I know I can always go back to these to sort my skin out. I also really like the packaging. I really appreciate that this brand cater for oily and spot prone skin. Alot of drugstore brands don’t and It’s so frustrating! So thank you Formula 10.0.6!



The reason I picked Loreal overall the other brands in the drugstore was because I feel like Loreal are forever bringing out new and unique products. I recently picked up this new moisturiser called the Hydra Genius and I won’t go into too much detail because I want to do a whole post about it, However It is a product I have never seen before and It’s turned out to be a fast favourite of mine. I feel like they are always bringing out new products that cater for all skin types and products that work!


Let me know your favourite brands below in the comments!


Millie xx



16 thoughts on “My Top 3 Drugstore Brands

    1. I actually think it originated in the US, I may be wrong but when I first researched the brand i’m sure I saw something about them being in the US! Hope you love it as much as i do! Xx


  1. “nothing wrong with a good splurge” 🤣😂 cracks me up. I agree with you on L’oreal. They are hellishly creative and their hydra fresh line is really decent.

    On the makeup front, I don’t have an all rounder drugstore brand that I love.

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    1. Haha I do love a good splurge but sometimes it’s nice to find a good afforable brand that works and Loreal just seem to bring out something for everyone! I am in love with their new moistruiser though, it’s done wonders for my skin 😍

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  2. I love this post idea, so cool
    and L’Oréal really is a great drugstore brand, I recently bought their pure clay masks; however, I have yet to try makeup revolution!


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