A Deep Cleansing & Moisturising Face Mask? | REVIEW


Yes you did hear me right, A deep cleansing, Detoxifying mask which is moisturising too. I know what you’re thinking, You’re probably thinking ‘yeah right does that even exist?!’ well yes, Yes indeed it does and if you’re intrested I’d keep reading….

I tend to opt for detoxifying masks because I have oily skin and also suffer from the odd breakout (Or many) So I tend to find those sort of masks work well for me, Until recently I was reading a post from BeautyBay and it explained all about oily skin and what products work best. Believe it or not, Most of the time oily skin is just over compensating for the moisture it’s lacking so adding more moister should help it a little. I took this advice on board when I saw this mask from Forever Living called the Forever Marine Mask. I recently went to a little event held by my friend (more details here) and I ended up having a little splurge on a new face mask. I love a deep cleansing mask. After a hard days work or just a treat on a sunday afternoon to get all the crap out of your skin, Theres nothing better. So this really appealed to me.

With ingredients like natural sea minerals from sea kelp and algae plus the added ingredient of Aleo Vera, You can’t really go wrong. Aleo vera being know for its healing properties is perfect for skin with any scaring or dryness, And with sea kelp and algae thrown in there to detoxify and give you a really deep cleanser, I’d say this is your perfect all-rounder mask.

It’s has got quite a thick formula so I squirt a 50p sized dollop onto my hand and slather it on, Concentrating on my tzone. It recommends to leave it on for around 15 mins but I usually forget and leave it for 20. It does dry and become quite hard but not uncomfortable. A lot of masks I’ve tried before become so tight you look like you’ve had 5 million botox injections. Not a good look. I remove with a warm damp flannel and it comes off really easy too. My skin feels so refreshed and clean afterwards. I’ve also noticed a reduction in the amount of oil my skin produces, but I think that is down to just giving it bit of moisture. Overall I am really enjoying this mask and will definitely repurchase.


Millie xx

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