My New favourite Concealer | REVIEW


I’m sure this concealer is not new to most of you. I’ve seen alot of people over the years talk about how good this concealer is but I’ve never actually tried it. I know, I’m ashamed to call myself a beauty blogger.

I recently picked up the Rimmel Wake Me Up Brightening Concealer from Boots to give it ago because i though it was about time, And it didn’t disappoint. I was a little worried as I had read reviews about it being quite brighting, Now in most people’s cases this would be great however I have oily skin so I don’t need more shininess. However once applied under your eyes, It’s so subtle. Just enough to brighten the under eye and make it look like you’ve had 8 hours sleep and haven’t spent the night watching weird YouTube videos. It doesn’t feel cakey or oily, it makes you look pretty flawless actually.



I like to apply this right up into the corner of my eyes, To make sure all my dark circle are covered. I also like to put a little bit on my cupids bow to  brighten that and also a little on my nose to make it look like I have a slimmer nose than I do.


The coverage is also pretty decent. I wouldn’t say its full coverage however with such a brightening concealer, I don’t think it would be a very good if it was full coverage.  It’s perfect for summer when you don’t want to wear lots of makeup because it’s too hot or just no makeup days when you can’t be arsed to do a full face. This concealer will make you look like you have put alot of effort in when in reality you’ve just rolled out of bed and got ready in 2 minutes. And I can’t complain with that, I’m all about that less effort makeup look!


Millie xx

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