Forever Living Evening


Last week I was invited to a little event showcasing Forever Living Products by my friend Emily. It was held at a local Golf Course and I have to say it was a lovely one at that. The main reason for the event was because Emily’s friend, Carla , is a rep for Forever Living. I’ve heard it mentioned a few times before but never really looked into it. Before hand I knew it was Aloe Vera based, But that was about it. But after going to this event I know a hell of alot more. After having a little chat with Carla, It became clear that these products are not just your typical products. Many of them have many difference used. One little tip she did mention was that the hand gel removed a stain, who’d of thought it?! I tried a few products out on my hand and they all felt lovely, I also tried some of the Aloe Vera Tooth Gel, Which did leave my pulling funny faces! For good reasons of course, it tasted amazing. It strikes me as one of those handbag essentials. You can use it as a tooth paste however you can also just massage it into your gums if you’re going somewhere in the middle of the day and don’t have time to refresh. It leaves a lovely minty fresh feeling. The other thing that caught my eye was the Marine Face mask. It’s moisturising and deep cleansing, Which is exactly what my skin needs right now. I will be posting reviews of each product soon so watch out for that! The mini event was held in a wonderful setting not to far from where I live called the Pines Golf Club. The grounds are incredibly pretty. I even got a go in a golf cart, Which I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t the best at it. It’s more complicated than it looks, Okay?! Lets just say Danny was much better than me. Anyway I loved learning about all of the products and there many different uses and can’t wait to try out more stuff from Forever living. If you are interested in anything from Forever Living heres Carla’s Facebook 


DSC_0610DSC_0613DSC_0614DSC_0627DSC_0628DSC_0649DSC_0629DSC_0633.jpgDSC_0643.jpgDSC_0654.jpgDSC_0629.jpgMillie xx

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