Essence Powders | REVIEW

Bit late to the bandwagon I know, but whilst browsing wilko’s a few weeks ago I noticed they had an Essence stand. I’ve seen alot of bloggers rave about this brand and how good quality there products are despite the price so I though I’d give some products ago. I only picked up two products. I was a little sceptical I’m not going to lie. These powders were £2 each so I wasn’t expecting anything special. However, I was very wrong. The ‘All About Matt!’ Fixing powder is surprisingly amazing. It’s a white powder, Scary, Yes. However it is so finely milled that it feels almost silky when applying it and it doesn’t come out white at all. It is very pigmented, As soon as you swirl your brush in it the product goes over everything. Slightly annoying but it means you don’t have to keep swirling your brush in there to get product on the brush, One swirl will do your whole face. It keeps me matte for alot longer that most powders I’ve tried, nothing ground breaking but not bad for £2. The other product I picked up was ‘Luminous Matt Bronzing Powder’. This one is something I’m not too sure about. I usually like bronzers that are alot darker than this. It’s perfect if you have quite fair skin, However it is quite orange toned so you do have to be careful with it. They do have a darker shade, Which I regret not picking up but I will next time. The main reason I like this bronzer is because it’s got a bit of both. It’s matte and luminous at the same time, So it’s not too overpowering. Although I do prefer matte bronzers, This one does add a lovely luminous ‘lit from within’ glow. Despite the colour, this is a really good bronzer that is seriously pigmented for the price. Definitely picking up the darker shade.


IMG_2623 (1)


Let me know below of any Essence products that you’ve tried and would recommend!


Millie xx

10 thoughts on “Essence Powders | REVIEW

  1. I like their brand. The ingredients aren’t too bad and the cost is great. The quality isn’t too bad but it doesn’t have much longevity.


  2. The white powder looks great! I really love their blushes and their single shimmer eye shadow in 01💗


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