Loreal Matte Lip Paint | REVIEW


I know what you’re thinking….Another nude lip. I do indeed have stupid amounts of liquid lipsticks and yes they are mostly nudes, However I love trying new formula’s and I love trying new products. I saw this on a recent trip to supedrug. I knew they had a gloss version of this out for a while, HoweverI was extremely happy to see a matte version as I like to steer clear of glosses. They had quite alot of nude colours, Some Brown toned ones, Some Peach toned ones and even some light pinks toned ones. I picked up the shade Off-White. I don’t particularly like the shade name. I picked one up that looked nice and it was called ‘dead lips’. Safe to say I put that one back down because it put me straight off. Definitely not the look I wanted to go for. I do believe they could of come up with some more suited names but thats me just being picky. As for the formula of this liquid lipstick, It’s quite light, almost air whipped. I like the texture of it, It doesn’t dry completely matte which I love. It just feels extremely moisturising on the lips. This can be a downfall however as the staying power isn’t great. I do have to keep reapplying but as this shade is quite light, Thats kind of expected. The shade itself is a light pinky brown shade, my go to nude shade. The colour pay off is extremely light with this. I do like the way it looks but it does take a while to build up as it looks kinda streaky, But again I think this may be down the shade. I am going to pick up a few darker nudes from the collection to try as I do really like the formula but I’d like to see if darker shades need as much effort. For £7.99 though I can’t compIMG_2621IMG_2622lain. It’s hard to find an easy to wear matte lipstick these days without having your lips turn into prunes.


Millie xx

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