Spring Lookbook | Melia May

This weekend has been so good. The weather was amazing, Not like your typical english weather. We even managed to sit outside a pub and have a drink! And I wore my first dress of the year. Little things aye. We also took the new camera out for a whirl again.

I have to say, It is an amazing camera. I may do a blog post on it soon but I’ll put some pictures down below that we managed to take over the weekend. I even had time to film a look book with the help of my wonderful boyfriend.  This will be my third (and possibly favourite) youtube video I have done. Not going to lie, I am pretty chuffed with how this on turned out. We also went to watch the new Fast and Furious which we’ve been wanting to go since it came out, But we knew it would be busy so we held off until this weekend. I did have to drag my boyfriend in by his hair because he doesn’t really like cinema’s but he enjoyed it in the end. Today I have mainly been editing this video, And Dannys cooked an amazing lasagne for tea (Lucky me!) So I’ll leave you with some pictures and also the video! Don’t forget to subscribe!




Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 19.35.47






Millie xx


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