Makeup Revolution Skin kiss Highlighters |REVIEW

Another blog post about highlighters, 2 in fact. These beauties come from Make Up Revolution and they go by the names of Skin Kiss. They do 4 shades in total but these were the two I opted for as these were the two I thought I would get the most use out of.  I got the shade ‘ice kiss‘ and ‘Golden Kiss‘. Ice kiss is a cool toned almost white highlight and Golden Kiss is a warm champagne highlight.



There was alot of hype around these on the MR instagram and as soon as I saw that rose gold, I knew I had to pick some up and give them ago.  My first though about these highlighters was that they looked quite high-end. I do love Makeup Revolution but there packing isn’t really anything spectacular, Which is okay because it’s not like your paying an arm and a leg for it. However with these, I feel like they really pushed the boat out. It looks luxurious and feels luxurious, Even the pattern engraved into the highlighter looks nice. The products themselves are just as good, Amazing in fact. I’ve been wearing ‘ice kiss’ on a daily basis and I am obsessed. You get a really good pay off, Which I have to admit I wasn’t expecting. It’s also very finely milled with means it doesn’t have big chunks of glitter in it. When you apply it, it looks almost wet and shimmery. One thing I will say is that when I first swatched this, it kinda looked and felt chalky, Which scared me but when you actually apply it it doesnt look chalky at all. I find Golden kiss to be more of a ‘going out’ shade. I’d reach for this if I was going for a super bronzed look as It is quite dark, If you are quite pale, You would probably prefer Ice Kiss and If you like going for the ‘Bronzed goddess’ look then you will love Golden Kiss. In the same range they also do  2 other shades, One called ‘Peach Kiss‘ and the other one called ‘Bronzed kiss‘. I wasn’t too keen on peach kiss as I found it to be more of a blush shade so didn’t like the idea of it being a highlighter. Bronzed Kiss isn’t actually a highlighter, It’s a cream bronzer which I really like the look of. That ones definitely on my list for next time. You can pick each one up for £5 which considering the pigmentation and the packing, I think it’s an absolute bargain. And I do love a good ol’ bargain.


Millie xx

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