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For a long time now, I’ve been wanted to try the Bye Nye Banana powder, But it’d not something that is easy to get hold of and it’s also quite expensive. So of course you can imagine my excitement when I saw this in Superdrug. Now makes revolution have been getting a little bit of stick recently for ‘copying’ High end brands which granted, They do but It makes products like this that are hard to get hold of in the uk, accessible to us and I personally can’t complain. Enough on that matter.

So alot of people are into loose powder, I actually have tried any like this before. They are mainly used for ‘baking’ which to me sounds complicated. However to give this powder a good test I gave it ago both ways, Baking and just using it as a normal powder to mattify everything. I have to say, I was very impressed, As always with products from makeup revolution, When will I find a bad product!? This powder can get quite messy, The lid is tiny which Is slightly annoying when coming to decant it, It would be nice to have a bigger lid on there so you can put the powder in there instead of using something else to put it on. I ended up using the lid of another product which worked alot better. I damped my beauty blender and dabbed it in the powder and then gently placed some powder under my eyes after I had concealed and also just underneath where I contour. Not going to lie, I did look abit crazy but I persevered with it. I left it on whilst I did my eyebrows and eye makeup, Then used a small Real Techniques contour brush to swipe away. I have to say I wasn’t expecting the result I had. My under eye area actually looked flawless, No little wrinkles, No dry patches or little bumps, NOTHING. And it stayed that way all day. I then used the left over powered to set my T zone because that’s where it gets a little oily. It did a really good job of it aswell. Although the results where amazing, I do think that this powder is something to use when you have a little bit more time. I wouldn’t use this in the morning before work because It takes bit more effort, And at half 7 in the morning, I cannot be arsed with that. I would tend to reach for this on weekends or if I was going out. Even though I didn’t really look like the people on instagram when ‘baking’, I will definitely be doing it more now!


Millie xx

14 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Luxury Banana Powder | REIVEW

  1. I have been wanting to try this! I was unsure because I didn’t know if it would look too yellow on my face but after this review I’ll give it ago! Hoping it’s in my local Superdrug soon x


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