Top Spring Blush Picks


You wouldn’t think it’s spring by looking outside would you? It’s been absolutely tipping it down all day! Typical England, I wouldn’t expect anything else. However I can’t help but want to bring out the pink hued makeup when it’s spring, Even if it doesn’t feel like it outside, It’s just something I like to do. Maybe it’s to make myself feel brighter and fresher or maybe it’s just because I love pink in spring, I dont know.. One of my favourite things to wear in spring is blush. I don’t tend to reach for it any other time of the year but in spring I like to emphasise on it more than bronzing. I have 4 of my favourites to show you today, Some Budget, Some more expensive …Just a heads up, Things are going to get a little bit ‘bright’ round these ends.


First up is this blusher from CHANEL in the shade 67 Chamade. It’s a cream to powder formula so although I looks scary bright, It doesn’t apply as bright. It’s unlike any cream blusher I have ever tried. It’s not sticky or wet, It kinda feels like a mousse formula that when applied, Turns into a powder. I do warn you though, You can go overboard with this so you only need a little on your finger tips and all you need to do it dab it on and rub it in. It’s just a gorgeous bright pink colour, perfect for spring!


My second pick is from MAC. It’s one of there mineralised Blush’s in Warm Soul, A classic blush. I’d describe it as a warm toned peach, Which has a little bit of shimmer in it so it gives that ‘lit from within’ look. I feel like when I apply this, My skin looks glowing and alot fresher. If you haven’t tried this blush, I’m sure you would love it. It’s such an all-rounder, You can wear it with any look.


Another MAC blush, What can I say?I like them! This ones just their powder blush’s in the shade Melba. Another classic. It’s the same sort of colour as MAC’S warm soul, Just a matte version. So if you’re not looking for any shimmer, This is perfect. Again, Another all-rounder that looks good with any look.


Now onto the budget blush. This one is possibly one of my faves. It’s Miss Sporty’s INSTA glow Blusher in the shade 001 Luminous Beige. I’d say it’s a good dupe for MAC’S warm Soul. It’s shimmery, pink and is really pigmented considering the price difference. I absolutely love this blush!


Lets hope the rain stops soon…I’m not holding my breath though…


Millie xx

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