Makeup Revolution Bronze Shimmer Highlight | REVIEW


I’ve been in need of a new bronzer for a long time. I’ve had the Borjouis Chocolate Bronzer for a while now and don’t get me wrong, I do like it, However It’s not very pigmented so you have to really rub your brush in it to get any pay off. Whilst I was browsing the isles of Superdrug I saw this on from Makeup Revolution, Its called the Bronze Shimmer Highlight and I thought I’d give it ago. Its got Bronze, Shimmer and Highlight in the name, Who wouldn’t pick it up!? The main reason I liked it is because Its big and I always prefer bigger bronzers. Theres nothing worse than trying to squish your brush up to try to fit into the product and then you don’t get an even coverage in the end afterall. So the fact this is big makes me love it already. This also reminded me of an old clarins bronzer I used to have which had the same sort of engraved pattern in it. It also have a mix of lighter and darker toned bronzers like this one. It has three shades in total, One lighter Highlight, One orange toned one and one more ashy toned one. They all compliment each other really well when all swished together on a big fluffy brush. It applies really well too and its very pigmented so you only need a little on the brush. What I love the most about this bronzer is that it makes your skin look so healthy and glowing. The shimmer isn’t over powering, it just add’s a lovely glow. This is definitley my new favourite bronzer…And to top it off, It’s only £4!


Millie xx

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