Maybelline Master Strobing Stick | REVIEW


There is something about highlighters isn’t there? I suddenly turn into a magpie when it comes to highlighters, If it’s shiny…It’s mine. I’ve tried a few highlighters in my time and my normal type I’d describe as ‘disco ball highlighters’. You know they ones, The ones that you can see from space. However sometimes you do just want something with a little glow, Something to just make you look like you have a natural heathly glow. This highlighter by Maybelline is perfect for that. It’s called the Master Strobing Stick. It comes in two shades, The one I have which Is Light 001 and they also have a Medium 200 which is more of a golden highlight. The one I have is a little more cool toned, Almost a pink champagne colour. I do normally opt for a more golden toned highlight but this one seems perfect for every day where, Nothing too in your face. It applies really well, It’s not a wet formula or waxy like others I’ve tried. It doesn’t pull you skin or feel sticky and it doesn’t wipe your makeup off when you apply it. It’s almost cream to powder formula so when you swipe it on, You can blend out with your fingers and you’re good to go. Like I said, Don’t go expecting this to blind you when It’s on, Its more of a daily highlight. I have tried building this up though and it doesn’t end up looking cakey so If you do want something a little stronger than you could do that with this. The only thing I’m not keen on (and I am being nitpicky here) Is the packaging, It just feels kinda cheap and plasticky, But It is only £6.99 so It’s not something that would stop me from buying this. Definitely something to look for next time you’re in Superdrug or Boots! I’ve also seen they are doing a liquid version of this which looks interesting, I will keep my eyes peeled.


Millie xx


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