The Magic Of Aloe Vera….

IMG_2554.jpgIMG_2555IMG_2556They always say mother nature is the cure for everything. Well I recently went to Lanzarote, Which is known for having some pretty big Aloe Vera Plantations and  picked up somethings to try for myself as I’ve heard alot of great things about Aloe Vera based products. The first thing I got was the Aloe Vera Revitalising Cream which was incredibly cheap, You can get 3 tubs of this stuff for around 5.99 euros. Absolute Bargain! When I tried it in the shop it felt super moisterising but also lightweight so it didn’t feel like a rich cream on my oily skin. As it was okay for my face, I think i will get more use of it on the rest of my body. I think it will be a perfect summer moisturiser because it sinks in extremely quick. The other two things I didn’t actually buy myself, My mum picked them up for me to try as I had sunburn on my nose and was walking round like Rudolf. The brand is Natural Tone and 100% Natural, So you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin. After A few days my nose became incredibly red and flakey from sunburn, Even after using a spf 30 face moisturiser! The idea is to use these to products in conjunction with each other. I used the Recovery Gel With Organic Aloe and Tea Tree Oil first which relieves sunburn pain. it felt super cooling and I was expecting it to sting but it really didnt. A little went a long way with this, I only needed a little and it covered my whole nose and I still had some let over. I also applied this to any spots I had and It definitely calmed those down aswell. Once I had applied that I applied The Everyday Lotion Skin condition and Hydrator for abit of moisture. This stuff has seriously sorted my nose out. I had such dry, Flakey skin on my nose, it actually hurt to touch. But after applying this on my nose every morning and night it feels so much better and It’s actually getting back to somewhat normal. It’s also helping with my redness which Is something I’ve never been able to get rid of. I am now a lover of Aloe Vera.Thank you mother nature!


Millie xx

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