Spring Lip Picks

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So spring has sprung and I have to say, It doesn’t really feel like it. It’s looking bit miserable outside so I thought I’d post a spring themed post to cheer myself up abit. One thing I like to do in winter is have a bit of a makeup declutter and dust of the coral toned lipsticks. Majority of the time you’ll find me wearing a nude brown, I don’t venture to far because I guess I’m lazy and stick to something I know will look fairly decent. However, In spring it’s nice to brighten things up abit because In england, It still feels link winter in spring. I tend to leave the nude browns and matte lipsticks in the draw and I reach for more peachy/Coral tones which are more glossy. One of my all time favourite everyday lipsticks for spring is Clinques Pop Lipstick and Primer in the colour Melon Pop. It’s a really gorgeous coral lipstick with a hint of peach in there. It’s super moisturising and perfect for everyday wear. My other daytime go to is the most neutral of all of my picks. it’s NYX’s Butter Gloss in Tiramisu. I love this lipgloss. It is a lovely brown/peach toned lipgloss that has a perfect about of colour in to be able to just shove it on in the mornings for just a little hint of colour. It is more of a sticky lipgloss which I normally don’t like, but there’s something about this one that I can tolerate. I also have two night-time picks. Both Corals but two different formulas. The first one is Jouers Liquid Lipstick In the shade Daiquiri. It’s a gorgeoussssssss coral metallic with a matte finish. It’s almost got a golden sheen to in. It sits on the lips so nicely and it also smells like cake, Which I love because well, I love cake. The last pick is Gerard Cosmetics Matte Lipstick In Tequila Sunrise. This is the brightest of the bunch, So if you want a stand out lip, I’d go for this one. It’s so comfortable to wear, You don’t actually realise your wearing a bold lip. Perfect for brightening up the gloomy spring days. I don’t know about you but I can’t wait for the clocks to change in a few weeks. It will be great to see bit of daylight outside of work. Roll on summer I say!


Millie xx

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