Huda Beauty Rose Gold Edition Palette | REVIEW


Recently I managed to get my hands on the most sought after palette of the 21st century. Yep, It’s the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette. I know, I thought the same thing as you when I first saw it, Its beautiful isn’t it. For a long, long time I was a neutrals lover through and through. You wouldn’t catch me with a pink eyeshadow on in a million years, not a chance. Until sometime last year when I picked up the ABH modern Renaissance palette which is a pink/red tone eyeshadow lovers dream. Ever since picking up that up, It’s changed my mind on eyeshadows. I know don’t go a day without sporting a red toned eye. I do still love my ABH palette but It was looking bit worse for wear and I saw everyone and their dog using this on instagram in tutorials but of course it was so popular you couldn’t get hold of it on any website, Ever. So I turned on my notifications for Cult Beautys Instagram and signed up to the waitlist. Every time my phone went off I was frantically trying to find my phone just in case they had got it back in stock. I was like a crazy eyeshadow lady on a mission. Sure enough in January it was back and I didn’t even question getting it. I probably checked out in around a minute, I’ve never typed so fast in my life. It was definitely worth the wait and money. You get 18 shades in total 7 being foil/glitter eyeshadows, One being a satin finish and the rest mattes. My favourites have to be Henna, Maneater, Bossy and Agelica. The mattes are super creamy and bendable, You don’t get too much fall out either. I do find that the foil eyeshadows don’t have much pay off which is a little disappointing, Even when using your fingers to apply it. I ended up using a small flat eyeshadow brush and spraying it with MAC studio fix+ to get the pay off from them that I wanted, But it does give quite an intense glitter look this way which I love. Overall I really love this eyeshadow palette, Although the glitters don’t give of much payoff and you have to put in a little more work, It’s definitely worth in when you see the end result. You can pick this up from Cult Beauty for £56, So each eyeshadow is around £3. Not bad considering the price of MAC individual eyeshadows. I have to say, I cannot wait to use the shade Dubai. I’ve never tried a kharki toned eye but I guess nows my opportunity!


Millie xx

3 thoughts on “Huda Beauty Rose Gold Edition Palette | REVIEW

  1. It is such a stunning palette! A lot of people say the foil shadows are difficult to work with. I wonder if there’s a trick to it. There’s got to be!


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