TONY MOLY I’m Real Rice Mask Sheet For Clear Skin | REVIEW


When It comes to face masks, I stick to your typical, bog standard in a pot masks. The ones you scoop out, slap on your face and end up getting it on everything in the house because you still have little bits on your hands. However on the weekend I had a little look in the beauty part of TKMAXX and saw that they had some TONY MOLY sheet face masks. I’ve seen a few people rave about them and I’ve also seen them on cult beauty before for around £6. They were in TKMAXX for £1.99 so I though it would be rude to not pick them up and give them ago. I also picked up the Red Wine Pore Care Sheet Mask for my 1000 giveaway that I’m doing. (Still open by the way so check it out).

Bit of background, TONY MOLY is a south korean beauty brand that was established in 2006, not only do they something for every skin type but they also have the most adorable packaging you will ever set your eyes on. The Korean beauty scene is becoming very popular here in the UK  and I had to see what everyone was raving about.

The one I picked up for myself was targeted at blemish prone skin. You get one sheet in the packet so It’s just a one use product. Getting it out of the packet was the real battle. I basically had to wrestle it out. It felt super slimy and had alot of product on it so it was super hand to detangle, but I eventually got there. It was a little awkward to place onto my face and make sure it was in the right place but that was to be expected considering I had never used a sheet mask before. I placed it onto my face as best as I could, it took a little rearranging as at first as it was basically covering my eyes. Not gunna lie, I looked a little crazy with this mask on. The mask paired with some thick framed black glasses really isn’t a good look. You have to leave it on for around 20-30 minutes so longer than a typical mask. I wouldn’t say it’s very comfortable because It’s so slimy. It feels like its sliding off your face so you have to keep readjusting. Some parts don’t really stick to your face very well either, I found the chin area wasn’t covered at all so I had to keep pressing it down. It did feel super hydrating and refreshing though when It was on, It was kinda cooling. The best bit was when I took it off and washed off the excess product. My skin felt AMAZING after. It had never felt so soft before after using a mask. I even made Danny feel my face to show him how soft it really was. He did look at me bit funny but I just couldn’t believe it. My skin just looked more healthy within seconds of removing the mask. I’ve never tried a mask that had instant results like this one. Unfortunately this was the last one on the shelf in TKMAXX so I couldn’t go back and get more. I would definitely buy it again however I’m not sure i would want to pay £6 because that seems quite expensive for something you can only use once. I actually found it on eBay for £2.20 here so I am going to ordering a few of them! I definitely want to try some more products from TONY MOLY now.

PS. theres only 5 more days left of my giveaway so go check it out and get entering!


Millie x

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