L’Oreal Paris Telescopic Magnetic Mascara | REVIEW


If you’ve read my previous posts on mascara’s, You’ll know I only have one In my life. It’s my ride or die, It’s my perfect mascara! It’s the one and only Benefit Roller Lash. I’m sure you’ve all heard it all before so I won’t bore you, But it just gets on with my lashes. It doesn’t clump them and make them stick out like daggers, It coats them just enough and It’s the only one that actually curls my lashes. So you’re probably thinking, Why are you reviewing another mascara when you’ve already found the perfect one? Well, I’m not rich and I’d like to cut down on things, If that means trying new mascara’s then so be it! So while I was in boots I thought I’d have a look at the L’Oreal mascaras because they have quite an extensive range. I had a feel of all the brushes, Even had danny trying a few because there was so many, Until I decided on the L’Oreal telescopic Magnetic Mascara. I’m more of a plastic brush lover, I just find the bristle brushes don’t work for me. The brush on this mascara is kinda like the roller lash one. You can feel it gripping your lashes and coating them all individually. It’s a fibre formula so It’s super Lengthing and volumising. I find when I apply this mascara you can really see each lash. It works wonders on my bottom lashes as well. It really emphasises them which Is good because I like a strong lower lash. Overall, I really got on with this mascara. I never thought I would say this but It’s definitley a great cheaper alternative for my beloved Benefit Roller Lash. Infact it’s much cheaper, I picked it up from Boots for £10.99. Cutting down Is definitley going well!  YAY. *High fives myself*.



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