DIY Geo Table and Mirror | How To


I have been very busy this weekend. If you don’t know, I moved out a few months back so we are still adding stuff to our house to make it more like a home. It was feeling a little bare after we took all the christmas dec’s down  so I got stuck in this weekend and did bit of DIYing. When we first moved in we were very kindly gifted a matching table and mirror from my aunty, Which was painted in grey chalk paint. I did like them that way however It wasn’t exactly my style so I went to B&Q this weekend and picked up some metallic gold furniture paint. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do apart from the fact I wanted to create a pattern on the table. I masked of a sorta geo pattern, (To be completely honest there was no planning I just stuck It on here, there and everywhere) until I was satisfied with it. I then gave the paint a little stir and painted away. I gave it just one coat because I wanted it to have a sort of rustic finish which Is what this paint is meant to do. It was really easy to work with and It dried super quick. Before It was dry I pulled the masking tape of because If It drys it may chip when you pull it off. It’s a little rough round the edges but I absolutely love how it turned out. It’s made a normal table into something different and eye-catching. It’s surprising what a tin of £5 paint can do! I do have a little tip if you want to try this yourself, I’d go over the design with masking tape twice because when I only did one, It seeped though and didn’t create really sharp lines, But I wasn’t really going for that look anyway. The next thing I wanted to revamp was my mirror which is above the fire place. I has planned on painted the whole thing gold, however I got half way round the frame and had a light bulb moment. I marked a line with masking tape each side, Making sure each one was in like with the other and painted up to that line. I actually love how it came out. I was so chuffed with it. It’s just changed the whole look of the room. I liked the gold that much I even painted a long mirror which was also gifted to me by a friend. It got to the point where Danny said ‘Is there anything else you want to paint gold?’ What can I say, It’s fun painting stuff.



Millie x

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