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I’m not normally a bath bomb type of person, But recently I have seen alot of LUSH on instagram and their bath bombs creating multi coloured baths which left me craving one myself. So over christmas me and Danny took a little trip to my local city, Worcester. Danny was like a kid in a sweet shop with all this smelly stuff. Even the girl working in there was laughing at him pulling faces as he sniffed each one and told me if they were good or not. Β I picked up a few different things so lets crack on with it shall we.


First up, a Lush Christmas classic. Snow fairy! I buy this every year. It’s like a tradition. it smells like the most heavily sweets you could ever think of and it sparkles. what more could you want in a christmas shower gel? if you want to try this then get your arse down to LUSH because all snow fairy products are 50% off. Thank me later πŸ™‚


This bath bomb was one that I picked. It’s cocoa Bear. Β I haven’t actually tried this one before but I’ve heard alot of people talk about it on social media. It’s doesn’t look like anything special but it’s meant to be really nourishing for your skin so thumbs up from me.


My favourite bath products have to be bubble creating ones. You can’t beat a load of bubbles. And don’t tell me you’ve never tried to create a beard with them because I know your lying… This one is Brightside and I can’t wait to try this. The colours look amazingggg.


Another Bubble bar. This ones Pop in the bath. It smells quite citrusy so It smells perfect for a morning bath. If I ever get chance to do that, I can only dream. Maybe one for the weekend….


The last thing I picked up was Dragons Egg. I’m not a regular LUSH Person so I have no clue what this one will be like. It looks pretty plain and doesn’t really smell of anything? but maybe it will surprise me!


Can we also just take a minute to appreciate the gorgeous paper bags from LUSH. I want the keep it forever in my bathroom. The little things in life ay.


Millie x

21 thoughts on “Lush Haul

  1. I have yet to try anything from Lush! I really need too! I’ve been seeing so many lush hauls on here today


  2. Their packaging is always so pretty! I haven’t purchased anything but bath bombs myself but that Snow Fairy seems to be super popular! Definitely going to pick some products up soon!


  3. Lush really is great and now that you have gave into the craze you are going to be addicted for life!! I can’t count how many lush products I have right now on two hands!! If you wanna try out more bath bombs I would really recommend Shoot for The Stars, because it’s a christmas one I don’t know if it would still be in stock! But Intergalactic is another one of my favs! I have done a review on Shoot For the Stars if you have time for a little looksie! Another amazing one (which I am hoping to do a review on sometime in the future) is The Comforter. It. Smells. AMAZING! It is also their best selling bubble bar and for good reason. If you love raspberry and ribena you will LOVE it!!

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    1. Will have to give all these ago! I get so overwhelmed by everything and everyone in there I end up only getting a few because theres so much to choose from! Will definitely give these a smell next time because I cant wait to go again. I can already sence an addiction….!! πŸ’ž


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