Simple Hydrating Cleansing Oil | Review


As you may know already, My favourite way to remove my makeup is using an oil cleanser. I just feel like it’s the best and most luxurious way to remove your make up! I have oily skin, which I know what you’re probably thinking…Oily skin and oil cleansers?! Well it seems to work for my skin, And I tend not to argue with it. I have tried quite a few cleansing oils and I love trying new ones. I noticed this Simple Hydrating cleaning Oil in boots and was so chuffed that Simple had added one to their range. I love Simple Skincare and everything I try I love from there range, However, This one isn’t the best oil I’ve ever tried. When I first used this, I did exactly what I normally do. I massage into dry skin, and remove with a hot cloth. Although I found when I was applying my moisturiser, It was almost like something was rubbing off my skin. The only way to describe this is when you’re at school (bear with me) and you get PVA glue on yours hands and then you rub it off and It comes off in small pieces, Well that was what was happening on my skin. I think that even though I removed with a hot cloth and also used a foaming cleanser after for a second cleanse, there was still something left on my skin. Now I have to admit, this isn’t the way simple recommend using it, so I gave it the benefit of the doubt and the second night I massaged into dry skin and then applied water and rinsed before using the hot cloth. It seemed to work well and I didn’t get any residue left over after trying this method, however it still didnt WOW me like some other oil cleansers I have tried. I doesn’t really smell of anything, If you’ve tried Clinique Take The day Of cleansing Balm then It smells just like that, I know that usually means there isn’t added ingredients that are unnecessary, However there is something nice about using a nice smelling cleansing oil. Don’t get my wrong, I will use it up and It does the job, But I don’t think I will repurchase. I personally absolutely love the Una Brennen Superfacialist Vitamin C Oil cleanser, My all time favourite and It’s around the same price, Seems like a no brainer to me.



Millie x

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