PAI BioRegenerate Rosehip Oil | Review


I’ve been really getting into skin care at the minute. For a while I just couldn’t be arsed with it, I took my makeup off and just shoved a moisturiser on, Usually a Simple one or something, However recently my skin went though bit of a rough patch. I kept breaking out, It was kinda dry in some places like my nose which I think was caused by a stupid cold and then its oily in all the other places on my face, Of course. so yeah I saw this in TK MAX and immediately I wanted it. I actually left it on the shelf because i wasn’t sure if it was good for oily/spot prone skin so I left it, Went home and googled the hell out of it. I found a few people raving about how amazing it was for they oily skin so I went back and picked it up. It’s normally £22 but It was discount in TK MAX to £10, Absolute bargain. I was a little apprehensive not gunna lie, I was scared it would make my skin worse. I cleansed as normal and applied 3-4 drops onto the centre of my hands, Rubbed together to warm it up and patted into my face. I also pat with oils, I never rub because I hate dragging my skin and tugging at it. It feels so much nicer to pat. The texture of this oil is not what I was expecting at all. I’d class it as a dry oil, which is good for me, ’cause I’m an oily skin girl and I don’t need anymore oil on this face. It’s not exactly easy to apply, As it’s slightly dry It feels like its drying really quick so You can’t work it in like other oils, But again, Good for me, I like stuff that sinks in quickly so you’re not left with a slippy face, If that’s even a thing..It turns out that this oil works wonders on oily skin. It cleared up my spots and I haven’t had any since which is seriously good for my skin. It doesn’t feel oily at all, My skin stays fairly matte though-out the day which usually doesn’t happen at all, I turn into an oily mess by 10am. It seems to have balanced out my skin and It’s just looks so much more healthier. Also my redness around my nose and cheeks seems alot better which I think it down to the main ingredient, Rosehip oil. If you hadn’t already guessed by the name..Thank you PAI for making an oil for oily skin that actually works!





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