Rimmel London Fresher Skin | REVIEW


These past few months I’ve been so busy I just don’t have time to spend ages perfecting a flawless base. Sometimes you just wanna be lazy and whack summet on thats pretty easy to blend and something that is light. This one is perfect for those days. I’m not even sure why I picked it up. I just kinda thought ‘Yep, I’ll try you’ so that was that. It actually turned out to be a good choice. The texture is almost air whipped so It’s super light. I’d say its a very sheer foundation so If you like full on coverage you probably won’t like this, That being said, Usually I opt for the full coverage foundation, but theres something about this one that keeps me going back. I think it’s because it isn’t very high maintenance. I just use my finger tips to blend and it’s done. It drys to a satin/matte finish so It’s good for oily skin, But it’s not drying at all so It’s kinda an allrounder. I wear this to work most days and It lasts pretty well, Not as good as Nars or Mac but those foundations are high coverage so that is to be expected. It also has Aloe, sea Algea and Chamomile extracts in which helps reduce redness, So if you’re like me and get a really red nose as the day goes on, I recommend trying this out! As it’s so lightweight, I tend to use a higher coverage concealer like the Collection Lasting Perfect concealer just to cover up any under eye bags and any blemishes. You can pick this up here from Boots for £7.49, A decent price for a drug store foundation. Overall, I’m really impressed with this foundation and would definitely repurchase as a daily/work foundation.


Millie x

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