Bit of a change…


right, So you might be wondering why I haven’t posted in the past couple of weeks, And I’m not gunna lie I completely lost my blog mojo. I just became stuck in a rut and I just couldn’t get out. I’ll start from the beginning because at the moment I’m just rambling at you.

Back in August sometime, I changed my blog to my own domain. I had an opportunity that I thought would improve my blog, Make it look better and just make it more of a thing to be proud of. Which It did for a while, I love it and the way it looked however, Since moving from wordpress to your own domain,  It means you don’t get any of the benefits of using a wordpress site. For example, If you have a wordpress site, you can tag all the related tags and your post will show up in those tags which obviously means more people are seeing your content. On my domain site, I could no longer do this. Which means I couldn’t speak to any of you, I couldn’t get any feedback on my site, It just didn’t really do much. A big part having a blog is connecting with new people and finding out other people’s opinions on things, With my new one I couldn’t do this. Don’t get me wrong, Blogs arent just about views and followers, I mean I feel very lucky to even have as many as I do, There are 700 of you lot now which in this day and age probably doesn’t seem alot, But to me it’s incredible. So to go from a blog that had lots of interaction to nothing was terrible. I just didn’t want to post, It didnt feel right. So I decided to change it back to my wordpress one. I don’t need no fancy blog, At the end of the day it’s here from me to post what I feel like posting, Not to look pretty. I mean yeah it’s a bonus but does it really mean anything? Only problem is, I’ve lost all of my content I have been posting over the past couple of months. I am going to try to get it back and post my favourites if I can but atleast I can get back to enjoying my blog and thats the main thing. So excited to get back into it properly.


Millie x

2 thoughts on “Bit of a change…

  1. This is good to know! I was thinking about changing my domain to make my blog look more “professional” I guess you could say, but now I’m opting out. Thanks for this post girl it would have been extremely disappointing had I not seen this! Xx


    1. Thats exactly what i wanted! I wanted it too look professional and dont get me wrong, It did! But I was just getting nothing and thats what I liked about blogging. seeing all the support and making friends, But you can’t do that if people can’t see your posts. I think if you are a growing blogger then a wordpress site it a great platform, Then if you are growing and are getting lots of interest then its a good move to get your own domain, But to start with wordpress is the best place to be!

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