Boots/Superdrug Haul

I’ve been feeling quite under the weather recently. (hence why i havnt posted in a week! I have flu at the moment I’m surrounded by a sea of tissues and I can’t really hear much either. It’s say to say I needed a pick me up. What’s better at cheering you up than a trip to boots? So that’s exactly what I did! I originally went to pick up the new Loreal Pure Clay Masks but ended up getting a little more…..


I didn’t really need another Matte lip product. I have waayyy to many, but most of them are nude colours. I picked up this colour called Orange Shot from the Maybeline stand and I thought it looked like the perfect summer colour. Not that we are having much of a summer at the moment but oh well. can’t wait to try this.

You can pick it up here


I also picked up this Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner to match the Matte Liquid Lipstick as i don’t have a red lipliner and I have tried a nude colour from this range before and it was super creamy and you could also just use it all over the lip and it lasts ages.

You can pick it up here


Recently I smashed my beloved Urban Decay beach bronzer which I was so gutted about, I decided I’d pick this one up because I didn’t have a back up. It’s the Bourjois Chocolate bronzer. I have tried this one before and really liked it so I thought I’d get it again, Plus this packaging is cuuuttee.

You can pick it up here


Next I went to the collection Stand and picked up my favourite eyeliner. I won’t waffle on too much about this as I literally go on about it all the time but its amazing! I don’t think I’d want to use any other liquid eyeliner. It’s super black, has good staying power and easy to use. OOO and cheap.

You can get it here 


Now onto the most exciting new items for Loreal. The pure clay masks. I saw the advert on these during the week and I was looking for a new mask so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on them. I had intended picking up all three as they have a charcoal one too but my local boots had sold out! So I settled for these two. The purity one and the Glow one. I seriously cannot wait to try these, I might actually try them tonight and try and make myself look and feel more alive.

You can get it here


The last thing I picked up was from Superdrug. Again I went to boots to see if they had the boreal charcoal mask but they didn’t have any either but I did find this from the Revolution Stand. I have a cream contour kit but never a powder one with various different shades in. I think that I’d get the most use out the banana shade and all the two middle colours on the bottom row. But we shall see….

You can get it here 

Lets hope I can get rid of this flu ASAP, Trust me to get flu in the middle of summer!


7 thoughts on “Boots/Superdrug Haul

    1. I know I just love a good ol’ pamper me! I tried one of the masks last night and it worked pretty well so will do a review on them all soon if i can get my hands in the charcoal one! Of course ill check you blog out! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m going to do a full review soon on all of them, providing the charcoal ones is avalible soon, that one must be good because its sold out everywhere 😦 x


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