Top 4 Liquid Matte Lipsticks


The trend of the year has to be the matte lip. Everyones loving’ it. Even though matte lips have always been a thing, It’s soon becoming one of 2016’s top trends. I believe Kylie Jenner has had a big impact on the trend although you can’t blame her,They do look gorgeous. So as my preferred lip option is usually a liquid lipstick i thought today I would talk about my top 4 picks. (just a head’s up, They are all the same colour, But hey who cares!)


Ahh, the balm. Creators of funky packaging and also great makeup. I love these! They apply so nicely, The smell kinda minty and they don’t budge! They are slightly more drying than other liquid lipsticks I’ve tried and you can definitely feel them which some people might not like but they make my lips look so smooth and super matte so I can deal with that. Not to mention the packaging, A* Again goes to The Balms Packaging. You can get it here for  £13.50.


A classic! The NYX Soft Matte Lip Creme. This liquid lipstick does exactly what is says on the tin. It’s soft, It’s matte and It’s creamy. Everything you look for in a Liquid lipstick. It’s dries matte pretty much instantly so great if you in a rush and can’t be arsed to wait for it to dry, Pretty much me everyday of the week. And now its easier to get your hands on it! It available in boots and luckily its in my local one! But if you’re not as lucky, You can get it here for £5.50.


Next up is the newly released Jouer Long Wear Liquid Lipstick Mermaid Edition. A super Creamy, comfortable and darn right gorgeous Liquid Lipstick. This Limited edition one is a matte metallic although you can get your standard mattes from Jouer aswell. This liquid lipstick is super long wearing, I could probably eat a full roast dinner and it would still be clinging on to my lips perfectly. It’s really comfortable to wear aswell so I could wear it all day and not get irritated by the feel of it. It comes in at £14 from here so not the cheapest of the bunch but definitely worth it!


Last but by no means least is the one that’s slightly different from the others, Revlons Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour. It’s a slightly different formal to the others. It applies like a lip gloss. It’s shiny and wet and it does take a while to dry, But I actually like it. It’s moisturising and creamy so you’re not left with super dry lips that have shrivelled into prunes by the end of the day. Not too expensive either from here for £8.99.


Long live the liquid lipstick trend!



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