Beach Waves for Summer | Tresemme Perfectly Undone




I’ve having abit of a hair crisis at the moment. We’ve fallen out and not on talking terms because it just won’t listen to me. I want it to do one thing, It wants to do another. Whilst browsing the isles of Tesco the other day for some tea, I noticed this newish range from Tresemme, It’s the Perfectly Undone Range. When It comes to hair, I don’t like it all sleek and shiny. I usually opt for a ‘bed head’ look. Sometimes on purpose, Sometimes…Not. So I picked this up along with a curry for tea, of course! this product has really helped me and my hair see eye to eye. I’ve tried my salt sprays and various products that claim to give you ‘effortlessly beautiful beach waves’ But it never really works. One of them being the very expensive bumble and bumble Salt spray which was Meh, okay, But not amazing. Don’t get me wrong I used it all up, It was £24, Of course I was going to, But I didn’t repurchase. This is a fraction of the price and I think its amazing! I scrunched the mousse like consistency into my damp hair and left to dry and It left my hair looking, well, Perfectly Undone. Least it’s done what it says unlike most products! What I like most is it gives it so much texture! My hair normally gives up on life after washing and becomes floppy and lifeless so you can’t do anything with it, It refuses. But this seems to add texture and a little hold also. However, I do think if you over did it, You could possibly end up with crispy hair, So use it sparingly. Less is more, After all. I did this on saturday and It’s still going pretty well and still has so much texture. I think I need to go and pick up the rest of the range aswell now! You can pick it up here for around £3.95 at sale price so if you want to check it out, Do it before they go up to £5.78!



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