My MAC Quad



Left to right: Sable, Mulch, Coppering, Deep Damson

I first started creating my MAC Quad back in 2015. I didn’t really want to start one of the huge eyeshadow palettes as to be quite frank, I didn’t have the money to spend on eyeshadows that cost £10 each. So I ended up opting for a quad as it was the cheapest option. The first two colours I picked up were Mulch and Sable. I did a lot of research, Watched countless ‘My Mac palette’ videos on YouTube before I made the decision. I must admit They are pretty similar, but trust me they arent. I’ll start with Sable, Which is a described as a red brown with bronze. It’s also a Velvet finish so It’s got a little bit of sheen to it. I love this colour all over the lids and on the bottom lash line for a smokey look. Now onto Sable, Which is classed as a ‘Frost’. It’s descirbed as a Gold Plum With Bronze. I also love this all over the lid with a darker colour in the crease and outer corner. It’s stuch a lovely smokey shade but with a little hint of gold in there.

Next up are two purchases that we’re influenced by Jaclyn Hill. She did a YouTube tutorial on a sunset golden purple toned eye. I know, It sounds as amazing as it looks. So as soon as I saw that I assumed I would go to MAC, pick up the eyeshadows and become as good as Jaclyn when It comes to blending. Obviously that didnt happen as I dont think shes human. Shes too good. But I gave it a good go.. The two colours mentioned where Coppering and Deep Damson. Coppering is a ‘Velvet pearl’ and is described as a Orange Copper. The names gives it away really. It’s such a gorgeous colour. I use this on the middle of my eye, Blend into the outer corner and then add Deep damson. Deep damson is a ‘Matte’ Finsish and is described as a deep burgandy. I add this to the outer corner and blend away. I love how It add’s definition to the eye without being your typical dark brown.

Even though back last year I wasnt interested in getting a bigger MAC palette, I think its about time I extended my collection as they are really good eyeshadows. Any suggestions?



11 thoughts on “My MAC Quad

  1. I love those colours! My MAC quad has Mystery, Charcoal Brown, Omega and Crystal Avalanche in, to do my eyebrows with! My favourite is Sumptous Olive, you should get that 🙂


  2. I’ve heard good things about “Amber Lights” and “Woodwinked”, with the latter being a good crease shade. I’ve been considering investing in MAC eyeshadows, but can’t bring myself to justify the cost yet!


    1. I have to admit i was hesitant at first because they are rather expensive, but I think having the choice to pick your own shades it worthwhile because you know you will always like all the shades, unlike some palettes you can buy where you only use a few of them! But i wanted to get the quad because It was alot for the bigger palette, now i want more eyeshadows because they are so good! X

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