NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils | REVIEW



When I first saw these, I couldn’t wait to try them. I’m all about no fuss make up. I love the idea of an eyeshadow pencil you can draw all over your eyelid, blend and your ready for the day. So I was very excited when i picked these up. They have quite alot of shades to choose from but i opted for 619 RUST which is a deep burgundy berry shade and 611 YOGURT. My plan was to put Yogurt all over the eye (that kinda sounds funny) and put Rust in the outer corners and lower lash line and blend. I hadn’t read many reviews about these which is quite unusual for me, I usually read loads before buying anything so i went into this little unknowingly. I’m not one for bad reviews, But I really didn’t get on with these. They swatched amazingly in the shop so I was really surprised when I put these on the following day. They are quite a wet formula So when you blend them they kind of just move around the eye. It’s quite hard to explain but they left me eyes looking really patchy and shiny. If you have dry eyelids then this might work out okay for you with a primer, But I have oily eyelids so maybe that’s why they didn’t work well. I was so disappointed as I really liked the colours of these and I have never seen the burgundy colour in any other eyeshadow stick. Don’t worry I’m not going to leave these post on a downer, I’ve got a few other options of eyeshadow sticks that work really well.


DSC_0390.JPGBehold….Kiko’s Long Lasting Stick in 06 and Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon In Amber Haze. I couldn’t leave this blog post without giving a few other options. I picked up both of these aggggesss ago but they are my go to for when I’m in a rush. I love using them in the mornings before work as you glide them on and blend and your ready to get on with the day. AND they don’t budge. See, I’m not all doom and gloom today!



21 thoughts on “NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils | REVIEW

  1. I love this post! Did you find they were good value for money? I am new here so be sure to check my blog out too 🙂 x Given you a follow as you seem to have some seriously good content!


    1. I Know! I actually did think they were twistable when i picked them up and got home thinking ‘yes i wont have to sharpen these’, so disspointed when i found out they weren’t! Xxx

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    1. Yes definitely do! I usually love all NYX products and couldn’t phrase them enough, I just didn’t want people to make the same mistake as me as i was so disappointed 😦 still love NYX though! xx


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