My Favourite Blushes

I’m not usually one for blush, I’m not gunna lie. I always forget to put it on and think ‘Damn, I forgot my blush, AGAIN’. But sometimes when I am spending time on my makeup (around probably 3 hours, to my boyfriends dismay) I like to whip out a few blushes. Today I’m gunna show you my favourites, The ones I reach for most….

The Balms How do You Like Them Apples Cream Blush Palette


IMG_1649 (1).jpg

It’s a good looking’ palette isn’t it? I actually got this from my boyfriend for a birthday. Boyfriend points were indeed rewarded and I have to say he did a good job. It’s such a good palette. Now i wasn’t sure whether to include this as It’s not just one blush BUT why the heck not, I love it! So as you can see, My favourite is Cider. A gorgeous pinky beige nude. Looks amazing on the apples of the cheeks and blends amazingly. I actually first tried these blushes when i received a sample in my birch box. I love the formula and the way it applies. It doesn’t drag my foundation around when I try to blend and it just looks darn beautiful.


NYX Baked Blush In Ignite/Passion 


This is a recent one for me, But I already love it. I’ve used it every single day since I’ve had it and that’s good for me since like I mentioned above, I’m crap at remembering to put it on. it’s just my perfect blush colour. Orangey toned golden goodness! When It’s on the cheeks it adds such a flattering shimmer, It makes you look so healthy.


Max Factor Puff Blush In Seductive Pink 


This is my go-to winter shade. It’s quite a berry toned blush so perfect with a dark lip in autumn. Although It is a powder, It’s so creamy and pigmented. It glides on beautifully and just adds a nice little berry pink shade to the cheeks. Although this one has taken a step back during the summer months, I will definitely be getting this out ready for September/October time when the autumn arrives.


MAC mineralized Blush In Warm Soul


A classic in the beauty world. MAC mineralized Blush. If you haven’t tried one, give one a go. I love this colour specifically because it warms my face up. It’s abit bronzy, abit peachy and alot gorgeous! I just love how it applies and it just completes any look. Can always rely on this one to add a healthy glow.


Miss Sporty Insta Glow In Luminous Beige


This blog post has made me realise I have a lot of blushes that look kinda the same….ahwell they all seem different to me! This one is another gorgeous golden Beige shade. What I like most about this one is that it has tiny little specs of gold running though it, Not so much that you end up looking like a disco ball but just enough to add a gorgeous sheen to the cheeks. It’s pigmented and creamy, Everything you look for in a blush. It’s also cheap so my purse loves it too.



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