OOTD: Visiting Some Waterfalls


I’m on a OOTD roll at the moment! When we went away a few weeks back I though it would be a perfect opportunity to take as many outfit pictures as possible, Which is exactly what I did. So here’s another one coming your way!

Whilst in Wales we visited devils bridge, Which is a breathtakingly beautiful place. With Achient bridges, windy paths, spectacular views and gorgeous waterfalls. It is one hell of a trek but so worth it to see the views and waterfalls. The day I went it was pretty warm so I decided to wear shorts. The shorts I took with me where a loose pair from New Look because I didn’t want anything tight because it was so hot and they are super comfy for walking in, Surprise surprise they were khaki, just like the majority of my wardrobe. I didn’t really plan a top to go with this outfit, I kinda just shoved any one on that was clean. It worked out quite well, I think it goes together rather well, If i do say so myself!  I picked up the top from Newlook not to long ago. It’s stripy and has tassels. Who doesn’t like tassels? As we was going to be walking quite far, I came prepared with my Vans. They are incredibly comfy and I love how they are a classic pair of shoes that never get old! I also took my little shoulder bag although thinking about it, It wasn’t that practical as I had to lug around my camera all day. Ah well, Looks good.



5 thoughts on “OOTD: Visiting Some Waterfalls

  1. I went to Wales about 4 years ago and found it so breathtaking. You’re so lucky, I would love to go back! I’ll be watching the Wales vs. Portugal soccer tomorrow and I’ll be cheering for them all the way from Montreal! Great Post!


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