Clarins Lip Oil VS Barry M Lip Oil | REVIEW

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The battle of drugstore vs high end has been going on for years, With many victories to each, I wonder whether we could add one more? I recently picked up the Barry M Lip Oil In Cocoloco because I’ve always wanted to try a lip oil. I like the idea of having an oil on the lips instead of your bog standard balm. It sounds more moisturising. So I had heard of the Clarins lip oil ages and ages ago but to me £19 was a lot for a lip product. I know, sounds stupid considering how much money I spend on makeup but my brain works in strange ways. So I picked up the Barry M Lip Oil from boots for £4.99. My plan was to try the lip oil and see how I got on with it before taking the plunge and getting the clarins one. Barry M have just released these,They have two options available, The one I have and one called Berry good. (Obviously berry flavour). I picked the coco loco one because it smells of coconut and I love me some coconut. After trying it for around two weeks, I though what the heck and I decided that I’d pick up the Clarins Lip Oil In Honey too and compare the two. I’ll start with the applicators and packaging first…..

Barry M Coco Loco Lip Oil

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I’ll be completely honest here, I never really like Barry M packaging. But I guess I am being a little critical as they’re products are predominantly aimed at teenagers and are on the slightly cheaper side so you can’t really expect fancy packaging, Its more about the products inside. The applicator on this Is your typical slim doe foot applicator you’d find in a lip gloss. I like a doe foot applicator so i really got on with this, Although I do think mine is broke as the doe foot rolls as I apply it to my lips. I can’t seem to find anything about this on the internet so let me know if you have had the same issue or if its meant to be like that….But it is still useable and I actually quite like that it does that. It doesn’t apply too much so you’re not left with extremely sticky lips covered in your hair and anything else thats wants to stick to them.

Clarins Lip Oil In Honey

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Well as you’d expect from Clarins, The packaging is very fancy. I’m a sucker for fancy packaging, Some times that’s the only reason I’d buy a product. I also love gold so they had me sold when I saw it! I’ve also never seen a applicators like this. It’s a very big doe foot applicator so perfect for my big lips. It applies just the right amount so you don’t waste any or apply too much. It’s also quite stubby so I feel like you have more control.

The formula of both are quite similar. They are quite thick although not too much that your lips kinda feel ‘heavy’. It just enough for them to feel moisturised. I prefer to use them at night time as bit of a lip treatment but they also work well on there own in the daytime, They make your lips looks healthy and plump.

Overall, I don’t thing there is a winner. I actually really like both of them. I feel like I would definitely use both of them. Neither of them are too thick and sticky, They both glide on nicely and both moisturise my lips. I feel like since using them my lips are not chapped at all and feel so plump and moisturised. Not to forget the Scent of them both. I feel like if your on a budget, Definitely try the Barry M because It does just as good as a job as the Clarins, But if you enjoy luxury products them the clarins if definitely worth the money.


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