OOTD: Something Different


I’m not usually a dress person. I just don’t do dresses. Mainly because it takes so much effort. I mean I have very pale legs so when I wear a dress I have to fake tan and make sure there all nice and smooth and that’s just effort…But when I was away I decided it was about time to whip on the dresses. A couple of weeks ago I picked up this dress from BOOHOO. I liked it because it was floaty and simple, A bit of a boho vibe to it aswell. It came in pretty handy on holiday aswell as I could shove it over top of my bikini and I was good to go. It’s fairly short but not too short that you might have abit of a embarrassing revealing moment. Don’t get me wrong, You should probably be careful if its windy. It got pretty windy on the beach when we we’re there but it was fairly quite so luckily I didn’t flash anyone. As we went to the beach, I wanted to take a beach bag to carry all our stuff. We took camera’s with us everywhere on holiday and as I was the one with the bag I had to carry everything. It’s a hard life. I got this bag as a present from my sister not long ago. It’s from accessorize, It’s a lovely khaki colour and It’s super practical. win win! If you’ve read my June favourites then you would have seen these shoes in there. I absolutely love them. I love how they are still pretty simple but are different from your typical sandals.

Since I’ve come back home, The weather has been pretty crap so I’m back in my trusty black jeans, But hopefully we will get a little more sunshine before summers up so I can where this dress again. We can only hope.





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