Visiting Devils Bridge | Holiday: Part 2

So even though I am home eating a huge bar of Cadbury’s dairy milk and feeling sorry for myself, I thought it was about time I did Part 2 post of my holiday as I have a ridiculous amount of pictures I wanted to share on here. (Part 1 is here btw). So the last three days in wales went stupidly quick. On thursday we decided to visit Devils Bridge, I had searched for places to visit prior to the holiday as I wanted to see as much as I could so I knew it would be a good day out but I wasn’t expecting it to be quite as beautiful as it was. You get a little map before you enter, which takes you basically round in a big circle, Walking though beautiful woods, seeing amazing views from above the trees to standing right under the waterfall. They also had one of these…. I think i could definitely pull this outfit off, Right? Such a typical tourist arent I….






One thing I wasnt expecting was the steep steps. I’ve never see anything like it! I was hanging on to the railings for dear life whilst Danny bounced down the steps like they were nothing, also taking pictures of me in the process.


I have to say, The easy part was walking down all those steps as I was rather hard climbing back up, my legs hurt way too much the next day.

On friday, It was pretty much our last full day. We relaxed in the morning, Had a huge lie in, Then made the most of the swimming pool and jacuzzi before we left. As it was our last day, We decided to have one last walk on the beach. Theres something so peaceful about the beach where we were stopping. There was hardly any one around and you just kinda forgot about everything. Although one thing you had to watch out for was huge flipping’ rocks that a literally ankle twisters.



we decided that the best way to end the holiday was to have a cosy little movie night, So thats exactly what we did! nothing better than having a cosy movie night when the weathers crap outside and all you do is eat crisps and chocolate. A great end to a great holiday.

ooo PS. I have a new twitter dedicated to my blog and my daily life so check that out here. I think this means I’m ‘Down with the kids’?



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